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Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

How secretive are you about being a furry?

  • Everyone Knows

    Votes: 78 5.7%
  • Most people know

    Votes: 168 12.3%
  • Only family and friends

    Votes: 176 12.9%
  • You tell very few

    Votes: 571 41.8%
  • Only other furries know

    Votes: 584 42.7%

  • Total voters


Why are you staring at my pup?

But there is only two things not the same. One is the reason, the other makes me sad.


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I've told my cousin and a good amount of my friends. They all think it's interesting, and not in that awkward way. Some are even a little more curious than expected.

Das Fluffinpuff

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I'm just now joining the fandom and it's not something I'm telling my non-furry friends or family...but to be honest I've always drawn furry/anthro looking characters since before I knew there was a name for it so I doubt it would come as too much of a shock. :p

Kamau Husky

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Im not telling anyone right now. No one that I know, or my family would think of me the same. They would all be like WTF and most of my friends would cease conversation with me. It would deffinetly come as a shock to them. So, its staying with me and other furs.


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If they ask, I tell them. Its nothing I'm afraid of.


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Very few People know, I'm not hiding anything, if they ask I'll tell, Its not like Im gonna run to the street and scream I'm a furry, plus the ones that know that I'm a furry they don't even know what the hell it was in the first place xD
On the bright side there are not furry haters in here, since the fandom its not that famous, though there gonna be probably a moron or two around yes... but they would be just a few.


All Fur One & One Fur All
Today I brought it up in conversation with a close friend, but they were very offended by the whole thing. They knew what it was and did not approve in the slightest. So maybe from here on out I may be a little more careful with who I tell.


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Today I brought it up in conversation with a close friend, but they were very offended by the whole thing. They knew what it was and did not approve in the slightest. So maybe from here on out I may be a little more careful with who I tell.

If you as close to this friend as you say you are then he/she should accept your choices. Whether he/she approves doesn't really matter.

I have friends that do thing I don't really approve of but I let them get on with it because it is their life, their choices, not mine.


I can't say I am really that secretive. Life is too short to always agonize about what other people think.


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Nobody knows except for me, I get enough hassle from people as it is. If they knew I was a furry they would probably go on some kind of witch-hunt to find me. If you're the slightest bit different they will exclude you.
My parents don't really give a shit though, they don't seem to be interested in the slightest.


Lol its not a secret at all.
My family knows(hates it but w/e) All my friends know and dont really care, all my enemies know and try to make fun of it but fail.
Yep, my furfaggotry is common knowledge


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I've only told my BF, and he just finds it amusing. At first he was like; "so you like animals?"
No, jackass, not like that. Only a tiny minority of furs do that. Shiver... ....."haha, Rob's a fur-(PUNCH)-...oww, ok"

I wouldn't even care that much if he told someone really. I'm not that secretive about it.


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They understand that it is harmless animal-themed masquerade and mascotting. A puppet that one wears. An extension of my comic strip character and avatar. A way to draw attention to my group's parade entry or program. Explaining the magic that occurs when one is suited up is a WIP however.


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Basicaly, If someone asks me, I will tell them... I made that deal with myself a long time ago =D


Mostly only other furries, or close internet friends know. My boyfriend also knows. He was cool with it, which was very reassuring. *Nuzzle*


Why are you staring at my pup?
I would much rather keep furry to myself.

-fights through fire and hell to get back to FAF- But why? You should have fun telling everyone. I could picture you now doing that. Its a funny picture. You dressed all up in yer fur suit.


I could imagine telling people eventually. Reactions are always fun, especially when they're positive. Plus the off chance that I found another furry in my area would be fantastic!!


Im not secretive, but i don't outright say it. at my grad party, my cousin was talking to my family about those "werewolves" who go around wearing tails and my mom ranted about how i wear one. and me, while being FILMED, yelped out "im not a gay ass werewolf, Imma FURRY =D" and then my cousin: "oh, like THATS any better LAWL!"
anyways, all my friends know, and i dont have a problem with my family knowing, they can jsut be retarded sometimes and I don't feel like explaining it to them lol.
I don't hide it, I'm not ashamed it, I express it, but I don't flaunt it.