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Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

How secretive are you about being a furry?

  • Everyone Knows

    Votes: 78 5.7%
  • Most people know

    Votes: 168 12.3%
  • Only family and friends

    Votes: 176 12.9%
  • You tell very few

    Votes: 571 41.8%
  • Only other furries know

    Votes: 584 42.7%

  • Total voters


New Member
I don't know if I can call it a secret or not. I've never TOLD anyone, but then again I've only just gotten into it. My boyfriend, who got me into it, had been calling me a furry for like 8 months before he actually introduced me to the fandom (I didn't know it existed). It's his dep dark secret. Just the other day I pounced on my friend for giving me chocolate randomly and he litterally said "Just don't purr." I didn't realize how obvious I was lol.


I'm generally pretty secretive. If the circumstances were right (I.e, it'd be very funny) I'd confess. But for now, eh.


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i only tell my friends. i tried to tell my mom, but i just confused her. the only one in my family that knows what furry is is my dad, so i don'tbother telling others. actually among myfriends and i there are like six furries, so we all know about each other. my family wouldn't really care about me being a fur though, they're more interested in mebeing gay.


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Most of the people I meet don't even know what a furry is. And those that do I don't even run into, or are furrys themselves.

Tbh, I'm not even sure if I AM one. Just depends on your definition. Yeah, I draw anthros (apparently it's a given that furrys are better at anthros and humans... I fall under that rule). Yes, I look at and enjoy viewing anthro art. But I don't fursuit, or yiff, or tf, or any of the various subgroups. So, I don't know... I guess there's just no reason to hide something like that.


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I keep it a deep, dark secret because I'm embarrassed about being associated with most of the other people in the fandom

Everyone knows. I wear my furry wrist cuffs and I have a shirt with a fox on it, although I need more furry stuff. My friends and I wore our tails mini golfing a few days ago ^^ it was fun.

Is furry really something to be secretive about?


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Im secretive about it :X

Thats something i know my friends would just get very judgmental about

Plus i think its just a personal thing, no one else needs to know


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This is what I thought.

But since I first voted, I have started telling more people.

Same here. Probably at least a dozen more people know now. XD


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All my friends are open to all things but my girl hates furries!
Random text message.
Me: darryl says you dont like furies :\
Chibi: yeah i hate furries pft
Me: I know some there not that bad.
Chibi:Which one do you know? all furries are seriously like animal F!@rs,
like if you seriously think your a animal take off your clothes get offline
go run nude and live in the woods.
Chibi:I dont know about you but i dont wanna see a furry animal thing
do it with a goat.
Me:well um
Chibi: dont you think full on fur is nasty?
Me: what about the cat ears and tails?

I dont want to tell her...


Likes blueberries?
Considering my all my friends are homophobes and anti-anime, i keep it a secret.

Sounds like they collectively need to pull their heads from their asses.


Better then ever!! ...Right?
Never thought of that, but thats definitly what they need to do.

Ooooh, dont post anymore... you have the sacred number!

On topic: Like i said, only other furries know, but if anyone asked i would tell them. No reason to keep this a secret, just no reason to run out in the street naked wearing nothing but a tail and some ears yelling "OH YES IM A FURRY! LOVE ME!"


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Only a few people know who aren't furries.
My family doesn't know there's a fandom at all,
so I suppose they don't know that i technically am a furry,
but they know I like drawing anthro art and stuff.
But, I live in a family of artists, so it's fine.
Usually though I don't tell my friends unless they're also furry,
since many of them don't understand it.


We were having a conversation about odd hobbies with friends, and this was his reaction: