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Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

How secretive are you about being a furry?

  • Everyone Knows

    Votes: 78 5.7%
  • Most people know

    Votes: 168 12.3%
  • Only family and friends

    Votes: 176 12.9%
  • You tell very few

    Votes: 571 41.8%
  • Only other furries know

    Votes: 584 42.7%

  • Total voters


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Most people where i live dont have a computer much less internet so its really funny when you say im a furry and they have never even heard the word so they just keep the conversation by saying something about the deer stew or something like that. Where i live is like an episode of Squid Billies. Oh and the really hilarious part is Squid Billies is based off a place not to far from where i live.


If someone asks i will not deny it (same for anything else for that matter) I do plan on sharing some of my sketches with my close friends however because i am curious what they may think (once i can really work up the drive to get some serious drawing into my schedule)

But like many i see no reason to walk around shaking peoples hands and saying "Hi! I am a furry!"

On the web i will be pretty open about it (not announcing it but occasional subtle hints such as lingo have been dropped)

Its far from being something to be ashamed of but theres no reason to be overly proud either Its just you being you but with more hair a tail and some cuter ears ^_^
I usually don't tell anyone about it unless they ask and sometimes I'll just say I'm not to avoid being lumped with what the media has portrayed but recently I have come in contact with some furs who I have gotten along with very well, and I found them within not even 5 miles away. Strange huh? But they have shown me not a lot of people really care about furs as long as you're not prancing around in a mascot suit.


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I like to keep it on the DL mainly for the bad rep, and i kinda like having a secret life....makes me feel all.....secretive.... if someone asks me though, depending on how well i know the person i have 2 responses; someone i dont know very well: "I dabble." aaaand for a friend i just fess up lol. i actually just recently found a large group of fellow fuzz brothers and sisters in my hometown, so thats been pretty awesome hanging out with them.


Eh, I think most of my friends might know because I post progress photos of my fursuit in an album on facebook, but don't put them on my wall. So. If they look through my pictures they know.
And my parents know because my mom helped me sew a little, and I've shown my dad my suit. So.

But I certainly don't go around telling everyone. That's like.. nah. :B


My family and some friends know I'm a furry (heck my parents took me and some friends to a con a few weeks ago) it's no big deal, furry is just a hobby after all, nothing to hide :p Plus once I get my suit in a few months they would have found out anyway.


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As for me, I don`t secreting this from people, but, if anyone is interested in it, i will tell them)

В Россие ты должен оставаться в конурой, потому что фендома очень гей и русские не любят гея.
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Only two people who aren't furs know, and one found out by mistake, I keep my fur side hidden so deep that it takes a back hoe and three days of digging to find


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No. Nope, not really. I can openly talk about furry related things pretty much everywhere except for when I'm with certain members of my family.


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No. Nope, not really. I can openly talk about furry related things pretty much everywhere except for when I'm with certain members of my family.

The same with me. My family can't stand the fact that I'm a furry.

I'm on good terms with them now, though, given the fact that I'm an adult. So I'll be going to my first furmeet tomorrow.


Nobody knows yet. I'm not ashamed of being a furry at all, I'm just waiting for the right time. Right now, I'm just becoming a freshman (yeah, I'm kinda young. o.o), and admitting I'm a furry isn't too great since I get bullied enough as it is.

So yeah. Nobody knows I'm a furry, and I've never met another fur (that I know of) IRL.


I'm now a lot less secretive about it. In fact, significantly more people (internet friends) know after today. I wound up admitting outright to being a furry in one of the IRC channels I'm regularly in (oddly enough the topic was constantly in discussion in the channel today thanks to someone else, so it wasn't all that out of place). I have to say, it's nice to actually treat being a furry as something that isn't a big deal. While I may have not treated it as anything more than a hobby, I still hid it like it was more than that. But, it wound up taking me less time to admit it to other people than it took to admit it to myself, so progress I guess?


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Secretive, you tell me?


Maybe if I went to sleep earlier I wouldn't reach this level of boredom that I begin thinking about shit like this.


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it is a thing im generally secretive about but however a few close friends know about my association but do not fully understand the fandom (sry bout the condition of this post im quite drunk atm)