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Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

How secretive are you about being a furry?

  • Everyone Knows

    Votes: 78 5.7%
  • Most people know

    Votes: 168 12.3%
  • Only family and friends

    Votes: 176 12.9%
  • You tell very few

    Votes: 570 41.7%
  • Only other furries know

    Votes: 584 42.8%

  • Total voters


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Anyone who looks at my Facebook info page knows, which I think is nobody because I haven't heard a word about it.


Arecaidian Fox
Well, speaking as a "new" furry, a few buddies of mine (who I've lost touch with -_-) have asked previously asked me, specifically, if I was a furry. I gave 'em a yes. Turned out that one or two of them were furries themselves...To actually stop being a rambling ass and answer the question, if asked directly, I'll tell.


I guess I have little update for my vote, just last weekend a few more people found out, I know this because I heard one of them whispering under his voice about it. Meh, nothing to interesting. :/


Yeah, I'm totally not embarassed to admit I'm a fur. I wear a tail just about everywhere I go, aside from work, but even there, if someone asks, I will openly admit it. I see no shame in what I am!


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I am very secretive about being a furry. Only if people ask: Are you a furry? Only in that case i will answer. Its probably because i am afraid people will laugh with me.
In fact i never actually told anyone.


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I've only recently joined, but honestly I'm only ever going to tell very few people. Heck the only ones that know right now are furries themselves. Meh, I'd rather avoid drama...


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I think I have already posted in this thread before, but I don't care. No, nobody knows I'm a furry except other furries or a few e-pals. Pretty much everyone that matters to me personally doesn't know what a furry is to begin with, so there's no point in talking about it in the first place. Of course, I'm not at all embarrassed to say I'm a furry (it's a hobby, damnit) because I'm just Gibby, no more no less.

Also, @ everyone saying that they're proud to be a furry, there's no need to be. :| It's not a sexuality, a race or a religious upbringing. This is one of the reasons people don't like furries.


I tried telling some of my close friends at school, but now they think I'm a zoophile.:(


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You could tell them that comparing furries to zoophiles is like comparing people who like bondage.... to actual rapists.

I don't know if that will help.

I'm sorry to hear it didn't go well. The problem with telling other people you're a furry is that there's no way to gauge how they'll respond. If you're in a room with fairly progressive people, you can feel totally safe letting them know you're gay. And if you're in a room with hardcore evangelical christians, you know when to keep your mouth shut about that. It's easy to judge audiences for things like that. (I'm speaking with a fair amount of experience in that regard).

For furries...

Even the most open-minded, socially permissive people in the world can have negative reactions to furries.


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I've stopped caring. I was here on my phone the other day in class and one of my friends who knows I'm a furry is like:
- Friend: "Hey Rob, what'cha lookin' at? >:3"
- Me: "Furry shit."
- Both of us: "LOL"

I'm pretty sure everyone within a ten foot radius heard. It's a good thing I'm well-liked. >_>
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Sexist against men
You could tell them that comparing furries to zoophiles is like comparing people who like bondage.... to actual rapists.

I don't know if that will help.
I don't think that's the best example, as both rape-play and rape share a common root. One being "The step above" the other.

A more clear explanation would be to tell your friends that the furry fetish (if you've told them about yourself having that at all. Total assumption; ignore this if you're not and/or you haven't told them about it) stems from exoticism, whereas Zoophilia stems from dominance. The difference in roots should help them rationalize the two as separate fetishes.

Thanks CSI.
This has always annoyed me. Not the episode so much as the fact that people -believe- it.

We're talking about a show that doesn't even get the CSI process right. Why are people so bent on believing them when they talk about some obscure minority group?

Fuck, let's take this a step further. Why do people believe what they see on TV in the first place? Not even the news is trustworthy.

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Nibbles 'n Bits
Very few told.. trust issues.


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When people ask, I tell them. Some of them are fairly interested in the whole hobby of being a furry.
But I don't go around yelling "Oh hey look, I'm a furry, want to be my new bff"


I'm secretive about it because I know so many people outside of this absolutely hate everything to do with it. I let some of my close friends know I liked drawing them once and one of them decided to tell everyone they knew, and i ended up losing friends because of it. I never really told her to keep it secret, but i kinda resent her for it. Karma got her though because those same people hate her now too for something different.

If someone calls me a furry in public, I'll deny it. I don't care if my family knows i like to draw animals though, they don't know what it is.


My brother and sister know. All of my friends are furries, though I didn't mean it to be that way. It was kind of coincidental lol.
If anyone wants to know, they'll just ask and I'll tell them. Isn't that big of a deal, screw what people think.
Plus, we as a fandom should speak up more are represent ourselves positively so that others wont get the wrong idea y'know..? (And that doesn't include flaunting your furrydom xD haha)
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My philosophy: It doesn't matter, it's nothing more than an interest. Yeah, I draw walking talking animals. Who says that's weird? *points at Disney*


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Well I'm not exactly secretive about it but I prefer to tell the ones I love and trust the most like my family and friends.

So far, I have my parents, two of my most trusted friends who know I'm a furry and thats all I told. I don't wanna keep telling everyone around me I'm a furry but I only tell it to the ones I trust the most


Nobody outside this website knows. It's not important, and besides, hiding secrets makes me feel all giddy inside.
I cannot speak for everyone on here but as for myself I am not ashamed of revealing to people that I am a furry if I am asked for the reason that it is not a lifestyle for me its just a hobby that I have been doing for the longest time. And if they take it in the wrong way they can go fuck themselves and keep it moving.


Weeaboo in the works
So far at this point, some of my best friends who were my friends before I became a furry were against it, and it became slowly more apparent as I continued on. I do plan to reveal it to my friends at some point, and this will help me determine who actually doesn't give a fuck and who is just not willing to accept I have different interests.


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I really don't see the need to announce it. If i was asked (which is unlikely to happen) then i would say yeah i'm a fur, but apart from that i don't see any reason why i should tell people.