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Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

How secretive are you about being a furry?

  • Everyone Knows

    Votes: 78 5.7%
  • Most people know

    Votes: 168 12.3%
  • Only family and friends

    Votes: 176 12.9%
  • You tell very few

    Votes: 570 41.7%
  • Only other furries know

    Votes: 584 42.8%

  • Total voters


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My little sister knows but she thinks it's cool cause she's twelve and can get a drawing out of me now and then.Rest of the family would just say,"why,that's a White thing dressing up like an animal." ,so I keep it to myself,my little sister and a couple of friends.


I'm waiting to tell people until I've gone to my first furry con this october. Friends from school kind of know? because the guy who got me interested in it is very open about it and they've heard me talking to him about going to a con, but My regular cosplay friends are oblivious. I'm lucky my boyfriend has accepted it and understands why I want to, but he's also bracing himself for the flack he might get for it from HIS friends when I finally DO start telling people. It's annoying as heck to have to be so hushhush about it, but it's whatever. Once I'm out in my partial suit thats it. I'mma be furry and proud.

Seian Verian

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I'm fairly open about it for the most part, at this point. I even have it in my Tumblr blog description :V

Admittedly, I'm hesitant to say much about it IRL since one of the people I live with is a furphobic jerk. Of course, if it came up, I'd be glad to fucking chew him out since he's a narcissistic asshole that deserves it. Still, best not to deliberately cause conflicts.


NEWB! For now...
I'm not secretive about it, but I'm not open about it either. I don't feel the need to go around and tell people that are probably just going to be okay with it to your face, then turn around and talk shit behind your back.

My good friends know that I am... or that I'm at least interested in it. I've shown them my art and they think it's neat, and understand that life is all about doing what makes you happy. I'm not even sure if I would define myself as "furry" since I'm pretty new to this fandom. That and I've never really liked labels...


drunken pirate
i havent told anyone and i can not see why i should need to.
God help me if my mates found out, not that they'd disown me or anything but we take the piss out of each other quite alot. If they found out and then saw some of the stuff on FA's front page i'd be in for it big time.
Went to Anime North 3 weeks ago, bought ears, friends generally said nothing except for a "them ears", the next day I buy a tail (to match with the fluffy blue ears) and one if them asked in a loud fashion, "YOU'RE A FURRY???" in front of the group of 6 or so other friends. I told them that I got the tail to match it it, blah, blah, blah, I'm guessing they know that I'm a furry and they haven't brought it up ever since. Except for the same guy who asked that question out loud and laughed two weeks later in class about the shit I bought, so I was like, it's now my Halloween costume, GG.

TL;DR: If you wear anything furry, people will think that you are. Of course, I haven't worn a collar or anything else furry and I was just cosplaying.


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drunken pirate
If they even know what one is in the first place.

Not everyone knows about ever internet culture in existence you know.

the problem comes when they google it. some of the stuff google brings up would make anyone look at you funny


If they even know what one is in the first place.

Not everyone knows about ever internet culture in existence you know.
Sometimes even when they know what one is, they will...
A. Don't bother to care
B. Stare at you in a odd way
C. Rant (Considering every culture has its own share of haters.)
D. Became furries in arms.

Well I be damned, we even gotten in the Washington Post.
the problem comes when they google it. some of the stuff google brings up would make anyone look at you funny
Huh. *Google* "Wait, incognito mode" *Turn on* *Googles "Furries"* Yep, you are indeed correct.
Yes, I fear Googles way of storing data of me sometimes.

My first encounter of furries was on Garrys Mod. I sorta considered there art revolved around pornographic pictures of humanoid animals, but of course as you can see, I was misled.
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For the luv of furry jeebus use the edit or multiquote button.

Damn, Randy ninja'd me.
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