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Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

How secretive are you about being a furry?

  • Everyone Knows

    Votes: 78 5.7%
  • Most people know

    Votes: 168 12.3%
  • Only family and friends

    Votes: 176 12.9%
  • You tell very few

    Votes: 571 41.8%
  • Only other furries know

    Votes: 584 42.7%

  • Total voters
My friends know. There are a few pictures on Facebook and what not of me in furry ears and a tail. My dad knows about my tail, but I'm not really close enough to any of my other family for them to know.
I haven't gone to any furry cons. I've only been to MegaCon, but I wore my furry stuff there.


Me letting my parents and friends know that I was a furry was kinda like when you have to fart in public, yes you can hold it in but that just makes things more difficult and causes your belly to ache. So I figured I'd just let it out as quick as possible and hope nobody hates me. I mean its better in than out, am I right?


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This one dude who is very into the fetish side wargames with me and my buddies, they always talk about him when hes not there, my friends brother was trolling him when we were playing a match and i was like, nope, not telling them yet.


The only person that's not a furry that knows I'm a furry is my best friend Gavin. And he found out on accident because he came over to play halo and got on my computer and saw the yiff I was looking at that night. I waz So embarrassed .


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i only got into the whole furry think like 2 months ago, so nobody knows... yet. i will tell someone if they bring it up, but i'm not all in ur face about it


In short, yes I am. I have only told my best friend that I am a furry and he was kinda shocked at first and was asking questions but now he's ok with it. But, now he has moved to a different school so I pretty much only see him on occasion when we both go to orchestra (he plays horn and I play the violin so we're in different sections and can't see/talk to eachother). We still talk to each other over skype and play games over steam, though I try and stay away from furry TF2 servers for his sake...

I don't plan on telling anyone else yet, at my age, but I may drop a few hints here and there and if asked I will answer truthfully. I don't want to tell my parents, they are already coming to terms with my older brother being gay so I don't want to add to their troubles at the moment (especially with my dad as he's unhappy at work with all the stress). My brother is still awesome anyway, I haven't really seen a change.

So yeah, getting off topic a bit. Only my best friend, FA and FAF know I'm a furry.
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I don't bother telling people, if they asked I might but I like to keep the fandom as a secret thing for me! Friends would not care but parents would another me so I think to keep things easy I won't tell anyone! Family still think my tail is weird though! >w


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No one knows, well looking at my avatar and backgrounds on the one forum and my favorites in DA online people can probably guess, but i dont mind at all if online people know. IRL no one does, i wouldnt want them to, im really into wildlife in a Steve Irwin kind of way, if they heard about me being a furry they would think completely the wrong thing, put the love of animals and wildlife and the furryness together into something nasty when the two things are seperate to me.


I'm very secretive about it.... I've been into it since I was 13 and still no one has a clue lol. If someone was a really good friend and straight up asked I might tell them, but I would never tell my family!


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...I wouldn't even consider it secret. You shouldn't be giving signs that you are one and no one should pick up. I don't understand why somebody would want to be identified as furry, in public, unless they had a severe issue making friends or talking about interests.

I only talk about furry crap with my furry friends anyway. It is such a small group of people.
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Most people I know probably wouldn't care, but I don't feel I need to share unless they directly ask. Though a couple people I know, they would be dicks about it. Not that I care, but I just don't advertise.


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Every time one of these threads pop up I just get amused by the sheer amount of stupidity within it.


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I think I'm just going to wait for my senior year of high school to let my furynessshit free. Not many people know right now, so yeah. The guy I like is clueless. my friends are popular. If they found out, I would be stuffed into a locker and probably have people writing "Furfag" allllll over my locker.

Cant wait for the 12th grade :v


My family , friends , coworkers and boss know i draw furry , did a fair amount of "art" for people around me.
at parties and cons i wear the "hat and tail" so it's kind of obvious that i have furry leanings .

as long as i behave in public , nobody has any problems about it.

note , the girls think the ears are cute.


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I think it's silly to treat furry like some sort of deep dark secret that's lurking just beneath he surface, waiting to burst out. It's not a sexuality or a religion, as at least a hundred peaople have already pointed out here.

Now that the dead horse has been beaten, I'll say that it is something I AM secretive about to some people. It really depends how much of an idea they have of the fandom. My mom has never heard of "furries," so I told her in passing that I like to draw animal people and her only responce was "cool." One of my best friends is a /b/tard though, so unfortunately that means I have to kick my sketchbook under the bed when he comes over.

Basically, my point is that liking animal people isn't a terribly exciting secret, but there are people who will be dicks about it.

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So... When some random person asks what yiff is.... do you tell them?
Lol naw, I don't really wear a shirt like that. It's from a shitty yet hilariously bad student film called 'Furry'. You can find it on YouTube, it's a terribly long 20m.


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A fair amount of furries and people know not alot tho


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I don't exactly scream from the top of the rafters "IM A DRAGON, RAAAWRRWERRR!!!" That being said, it is on my Facebook and I am more than happy to answer any questions of those that want to ask them. My 4 best friends know and many others have any opportunity to notice and ask about it, but I just don't go to them and scream "I'm a furry!"

In short, I don't keep it a secret, but I don't try and completely keep it on the DL.


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My family isn't necessarily the most accepting in the world. They don't even know that I'm bisexual. If I ever were to tell them that or the fact that I'm a furry, I think I would be disowned.
However, my friends are very accepting of me. :) Thank goodness for them.