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Is it possible that ffx/x2 get a remake?



We all saw ff7R for ps4 but I'm not sure about ffx/ffx2 is it possible that ffx/x2 gets a remake?


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Didn't they remaster 10/10-2 not long ago?


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Its possible i guess, but ohh boy the wait for that remake to come,we don't know how many parts ff7 remake will have,and then theres the possibility they want to remake ff8 and ff9 as well
I would welcome a FF9 remake but then I dread that they'll make the characters hyper realistic.


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FFX is my favourite videogame ever, mainly because of nostalgia and the fact that it was what introduced me to the franchise as a kid, so I'd have to say that I would love a remake in the FF7R style! Not sure how it would work, but at the same time, exploring Spira in that way would be such a treat... One of the nicest worlds ever.

Personally, I would love to see a FFVI remake, mainly because the game is extremely good even though it ends up being overshadowed by FF7 and the following titles, and I think that seeing it with current day graphics/gameplay could be an interesting experience for those who have overlooked the title as it currently is!

I miss FFX a lot, I'd love to play it again some day.


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Possible, though if it did happen it probably wouldn't be on the same scale.

FFVII is Square Enix's biggest title, baby, and cash cow in the single-player realm. Tomb Raider is right behind that, which is why Square Enix devotes so much to both of those "series." People make fun of the FF7 hype, but that hype really does exist.

FFVII also really set the stage for the cinematic Square Enix style that so many people make fun of, marked Square's transition from Nintendo to Sony, and really got the big names working in new ways, so it holds a special place in the hearts of a lot of Square Enix's old guard and a lot of their fans. Its kind of how they got Yosh involved with the project and Hideo Kojima to keep demanding a FF7 remake, and the Japanese commercials are filled with calls to that transitional nostalgia and the idea of watching a sibling/parent/friend/SO/child play the game because it played like a movie.

Other Square games have that kind of appeal, but they didn't come at the right time for Square (Now good 'ol Squeenix) to be invested in it in a major way.

None of the old guard there want to make remakes for the other games, either. They want to see them, yes. Uematsu really loved his work on FF8 and would love to see that expanded on, and Kitase has a lot to say about remaking 8 and 9, but none of them want to be part of making them.

So maybe? But it won't be by the original big names, except for maybe Testsuya Nomura, and it won't have the same dedicated resources.

They do see fans of the other games though. FF7 Remake has references to X specifically.

Its possible i guess, but ohh boy the wait for that remake to come,we don't know how many parts ff7 remake will have,and then theres the possibility they want to remake ff8 and ff9 as well

No telling what Square Enix as a company wants, but the big names in Square want an FF8 remake... just made later when they don't have to be a part of projects like that anymore. They're old dudes now.

The story is probably the same for FF9.

So yeah it would probably be a bit.


They already got an HD upgrade why would they need a remake? (However, I am interested in a FF8 and FF9 upgrade as they are classics that need an overhaul.)


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I would not suspect a remake on the level of how we see it's done with older FF games. As people are pointing out, there was a remaster already. Possibly there might be another remaster for PS5 (but then, how would they name the PC edition? remastered remaster?)