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Is it possible to create an age-gated 18+ section of the forums?


Just a weird roleplayer
I just read the post about "How to Properly Handle Adult Content" and it has me wondering if it is possible to make an age-gated section of the forums? I did a search of the forums and it didn't seem like there was a thread asking about this yet. So I thought that I might bring the subject up for discussion.

The reason I ask is because it seems like there is pressure from both the SFW and NSFW sides of the fandom and it has me wondering if it is possible to reconcile these differences and create a mutually beneficial solution?

Potential Precautions:
  1. You must be 18+ years old and your forum profile's DOB must reflect this.
  2. You must have a verified email address for your forum profile.
  3. You must have made at least one forum post other than the NSFW subforum application.
  4. You must post in a sticky thread an application to the sub-forum.
  5. Your application must be approved by a moderator (no time limit). Doing so grants you access to the NSFW sub-category.
Potential Organization:
  • Fur Affinity Discussion
  • The Furry Fandom
  • General
  • The Creative Arts
  • Entertainment Talk
  • Not Safe For Work (18+) <New Category
    • Furry Content
      • General (NSFW)
      • Artwork (NSFW)
        • 2D Art
        • 3D Art
        • Writing, Prose, & Poetry
        • Music & Audio
        • Other
      • Roleplaying (NSFW)
        • In Character
        • Out of Character
        • RP Ads
I mean, you get the basic idea. I feel like this is something that could theoretically be accomodated by this forum while still adhering to the preexisting guidelines.


Woof? Woof
My only answer to this would be an obvious no.