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Is it weird that I don’t have a fursona?


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This is my first post here it goes.

I’ve been an observer of the furry community for almost ten years now. I mainly enjoy the art, stories (both SFW & NSFW), but also the family feel of the group. Like many of you I have found anthros interesting from a very young age and that interest hasn’t gone away.

Until about a week ago I was in denial that I was a furry. I didn’t want the stigma’s that come with that and I was bullied enough in school to know when to keep quite about my interests. Over the last week I have come to realize that I am a furry but I’ve never actually done anything outside of interacting on furry websites. I don’t even have a fursona because of the shame (grew up super religious) of someone finding out and I felt that if I made one then I was definitely a furry.

So I think it’s time that I make one! I just have no idea where to start. I have a few ideas on species but not much else. How much of the real you did you use in your fursona?

Thanks in advance!


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Not at all! I'm on FurAffinity to meet new artists, and I do not even have a fursona! I've felt I "may" have been a furry back in 2010 or 2011, but it was just a brief phase I was going through, where I was confused about my own identity as an individual. My characters were all human and I couldn't think of one being anthro or feral or anything of that nature. Do not feel bad if you do not have one, or if you are not into furries at all! There are plenty of nice people on here who, probably, are in the same situation as us! ^^

Truthfully, I'm here to meet some people and have artists draw for me. More specifically, humans... >:3


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About 95% of furries have at least 1, you can delve into creation if you like, or stay in the remaining 5%!

A furry is simply a fan of anthropomorphic animal characters! But you're only 1 if you call yourself 1!

You can just be a furry fan and enjoy the content, without diving in all the way!

Most consider their fursona to be them in animal form, their ideal self, you but a better version of you, with traits and qualities you'd like your hooman self to have!

If your character doesn't represent you, it's an OC!

You could try these online fursona quizzes to get ideas!

I think these 2 are really good!


www.gotoquiz.com: What Kind Of Animal Should Your Fursona Be?

These 2 were ok also!

www.allthetests.com: What's your fursona?

uquiz.com: An idea for your fursona!

What will you be!?


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It's not unusual or wrong or anything else. Some people enjoy the art or community without feeling a need to create a character of their own.


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does not seem that odd to me at all

there is not really a requirement to have anything
Not weird at all imo! Not everyone has a fursona and there's no time limit on you making one!

You can make your fursona as real or fantastic as you'd like, everything from regular grey wolves to purple octopus/dragon hybrids are fair game in the furry world :p

As for design, you can also enlist artists to help you with the design process if you need, since lots of artists (myself included ^^) can offer design commissions. Or you can duke it out with ms paint!