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Is it wrong to have your fursona the opposite gender?


The Cat in the FAF
People can depict themselves however they wished.
Kind of reminds me of how I used to treat avatars...I used to hate the idea of using an avatar of the opposite gender of my own but as time passed I began making exceptions for non-human characters and eventually I just said "To heck with it" and decided that I could use whatever gender avatar I want.

Unless you're intentionally trying to mislead people, I don't see the issue with alternate gender fursonas.

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all

Its fun, specially if you have a bunch of characters :3

Shouldn't we only have one?

Anyway.. I know some gay furs who uses somewhat feministic fursona which could pass as a female fursona.
So if they have a female fursona, it should be justifiable