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Is Megaplex family friendly?


New Member
My grandma really really wants to go to a furry convention and the closest one is megaplex in Florida. She's very exited to be my handler, since I will be in suit. Would you say megaplex is family friendly? I don't mind her being with me but I don't want her to get made fun of or something :( I also don't want her to see the mature side of the fandom. That's not really something you want to show your grandma, ya know?


Megaplex is a generally family-friendly event. :) There may be the occasional person in bondage gear, but it's generally frowned upon. You may also see NSFW artists in the dealer's den/artist alley, but you must provide an ID to see their NSFW artworks. Probably shouldn't go around the con space super late with granny, might see a few interesting individuals. Nothing really too weird by furry standards, but might seem a bit strange from the outside, haha. Other than that, you should be good.
I went last year, had a blast. Going again this year too. It's a good con. ^^