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Is My Fursona an Eastern or Sergal Dragon?


Hi everyone! I just have a quick question - is my fursona a seragal or eastern dragoness? Up until this point I always designed her to be an eastern dragon, but I just now learned about sergal dragons - by a thread that was totally bashing them. :( But I looked up some sergal art and she looks just like it sooo... what do you guys think she is?



Looks like an eastern dragon to me.

To be honest though. A fursona can be whatever you want it to be. The art is in the eye of the beholder, so even if it doesn't look like an eastern dragon, it's still an eastern dragon in your eyes.

and if you really feel uncomfortable with how she looks, just change the design a little to make it look like what you want it to be.

Just look at me, I look like a western dragon, but I'm an acid dragon.


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You're a dragon. Sergals don't have horns or the face whisker things. I don't actually think she looks like a sergal at all.

Sergals were created by Trancy Mick. Here's his FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mick39


*sigh of relief* Thank you for the replies guys. Sorry for making a kinda useless topic... didn't know who else to ask and how though. :eek: I'm kinda glad that she's not a sergal. XD Thank you! :)


For the record, Sergals are not dragons. They are technically aliens with some traits reminiscent of mammals and dragons but live on their own planet with a few other different species. Their lore is actually pretty cool.


Sergals are what you get when a raptor fucks a shark, and then their offspring gets raped by a werewolf


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Sergals are not dragons at all. They resemble dragons in the face maybe, but they are an original species. They are entirely covered in fur.

Whereas, yours seems to be mostly scale, excepting some fluff

Two completely different things.

Sergals are what you get when a raptor fucks a shark, and then their offspring gets raped by a werewolf

I sigquoted this...but I changed the rape part because nope

It's funny...but I don't need people coming to me and telling me not to laugh at rape jokes cuz rape is horrible
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Thank you for the replies (funny and serious) alike. XD I'm so relieved to hear she's not a sergal... x_x lol