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Is someone willing to draw my fursona?


Hi i am new to this and cant seem to find anny creativity to draw myself my fursona so i was wodering iff someone would like to give it a try ^,..,^

To start of here are some basic traits id like.

Name: Nyritt
Species: fox / cat hybrid
Gender: female
Ears: small
Eyes: purple/green
Hair: long hair that fals on the right side of the face the left side is shaven.
Fur: a bit fluffy but not to much with celtic paterns on it
Fur colour: mainly light pink with purple and green accents
Tail: long starting of slim with after 1/3 its starts to be fluffy.
Personality: gentle yet playfull and shy

I hope this is something to go on ?
Thank you already for just reading this post <3