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Is the forums site broken for anyone else?

For some reason, the site doesn't load properly. Usually you get the normal forums sit, bkue background, everything organised and functioning properly, etc. Though however, now it is just pure HTML, only black and blue text on a white background. I can still navigate the forums and the usual but it is a lot more difficult now.

EDIT: I found that if I go to the forums site via furaffinity.net, then it works fine. However if I go via typing in the URL then it comes up like described above.
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Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
I'm on a phone and any link to the forum gives the same result, but least everything functions.


Definitely not a lizard
It's not working for me either. It looks broken on my phone and on my PC.


I'm only a minor alcoholic
on my phone its all HTML on my laptop it swaps between both :|