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Is there a way to change the URL so that it sorts by date by default?



These are all the URL parameters (plus valid inputs) that can be used on the search page

q (values: your search term, must be 3 chars or more and spaces must be replaced with +)
order-by (values: relevancy, date, popularity)
order-direction (values: asc, desc)
range (values: day, 3days, week, month, all )
type-art (values: 0 or 1) That is Zero or One, Zero defines a deselected checkbox, One defines a selected checkbox)
type-flash (values: 0 or 1)
type-photo (values: 0 or 1)
type-story (values: 0 or 1)
type-music (values: 0 or 1)
type-poetry (values: 0 or 1)
perpage (values: 24, 48, 72)
mode (values: all, any, extended)
page (values: 0 to 999)


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Adding a system to "make this my default" is one of the things on the list.