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Is there a way to save catagory based browse results?

I have noticed with FurAffinity that it can be really difficult to find stuff that exists far back in the queue if you don't know what the associated tags are for a posting or the artist who made it.

Frequently art galleys I'll browse certain categories from front to back to see if there's any good artwork posted from artists who very infrequently post certain themes of artwork, have been inactive for a really long time, or don't label their pieces with very many search terms, or no search terms.

I keep encountering two problems while trying to search through FA's gallery however:

1). When doing a tag/keyword/title search, you can only browse up to 3000 results I think before it stops you from going any further.

2). When using the "browse" feature on FA's main page, you can go past 3000 results; however, once you close the session it will revert your search terms back to default even it remembers what page you were on. If you try and reset the search terms it will put you back at page one, if you try and manually set the browse to an further page then the search terms revert to default.

Is there any way to solve one or both of these issues, I'd love to hear everyone's opinion.