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Is This Name Feminine or Masculine?

Is Sprite a feminine or masculine name?

  • Masculine

  • Feminine

  • Unisex

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The Sheepish Sheep
What if your first impression of the name "Sprite"? Does it come off as more of a masculine or feminine name? Please be honest, I'm trying to get as much of an unbias opinion as possible.

Sprite, the character in my avatar, used to be a femboy until I discovered more about myself and realized I was trans (MTF). So, I changed him to a her and kept the name as I thought it sounded unisex enough. But recently I've been feeling like it's mostly a masculine name and it's been bothering me. It makes me feel a little dysphoric whenever someone refers to me as "Sprite". But at the same time I'm a little attached to the name and feel like it fits the character well.

I can't make up my mind on whether or not to change it. So I guess I'm just asking, what do you guys think?


aka Cutter Cat
It is either. The "Sprite boy" character from the old Coca-Cola ads was male. He kind of has a "rape face" creepy look to me though. lol


I think it is fitting for both male and females. The characters design can certainly help with that.


Late Healer Ferret
I find it unisex myself. Usually when I see it I think of fae creatures though.

Sam Wamm

I'm a goat plushie
To me Sprite is a mythological creature so it's a descriptive name.

Unless your language has femanine and masculine words for nouns I'd say that's unisex.


Hello, Proto
Sprite to me is also the name of a mythological creature.
However, like most fae, they are often seen as effeminate, including the males.
Of course there are more masculine fae but the more popular depictions often have softer features.