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Is This Presentable?


Vulpes Cervidae
This is my very first head and I'm worried I didn't do so well. Of course I'm trying to optimistic so when I looked at it I say "It's not that bad"
But I want honest and legit opinions.
(please no flaming or being obtuse for the purpose of 'the lulz' or 'being edgy')

I haven't yet ordered her teeth, tongue nose or claws nor have I managed to acquire the pieces necessary to construct her eyes.
I know it's a bit rough but I'm hoping when I get the last pieces, it will distract a bit and I do intend on going back to fix crookedness and lumpyness and such.
My main problem has been with seems not connecting cleanly and symmetry.
Right now I look at it and think I might as well unfur the whole thing and sell the base for like five bucks or something. Or just go through the terribly frustration process of re-furring the whole thing with a longer pile fur. (which I probably should have done to begin with as the long fur hides seams and errors.)

Here are some close ups of the problem areas. I provide these so I can be told whether or not I should worry. They actually were worse before but I went and re-furred some areas due to issues with the seams. (ARG SEAMS!)



Full-bodied dark roast rodent
Right now it looks freaky because it isn't finished. All I can say is that it is better than my first suit, and I wore that out in public. It somehow didn't freak everyone out.

If you are going to take it apart and re-fur it, you might as well just make an entirely new head. I'm sure you learned a bunch from sculpting this one's base. Why reuse a base that won't reflect what you can do now? You can at least make some changes and fix anything that is bothering you while it doesn't have fur.


Vulpes Cervidae
Yeah her empty eye sockets and teeth/tongueless mouth is a bit weird. ( I had to scribble in the missing pieces for my DA ID lol)Yeah, those are some pretty good points (Might wreck the foam at this point too)I Have a second foam base so I suppose I"ll just use what I learned on that one. Thanks for the feed back :)