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Is Writing an Art?

Writing: Is it an Art?

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As a writer myself, I deeply consider writing to be a form of art, however, fellow artists over at DeviantART really (and quite childishly/rudely) disagree; I say childishly in the literal sense, not the sense that I'm upset they don't agree with me - to each their own opinion and that is to be respected, even in this thread.

With terms like "you're not an artist, get over it" and "You make words, not art", I have to wonder if all of my poetry and my creative writing was even worth my efforts. It took my creativity, emotion, and years of practiced skill just to create what I did, and the fad today seems to be "if you aren't published, you're no artist".

So tell me, fellow artists and forum lurkers... what do you consider to be art? Is art just a stack of rules that everyone must follow or is art something that we are capable of through various skills, emotions, and talents?

Writing is also art... so please don't tell a writer they aren't an artist. Any kind of creative prose or creative talent is art and should be looked at as art.

• No, I'm not saying any three year old who can doodle a tree that looks like a chicken is a Picasso in the making.
• No, I'm not saying that anyone who writes a simple forum post is the new Edgar Allen Poe or Thomas Paine.
• Yes, I am saying that creative writing takes as much talent and practice as being a sketch artist. Nobody is born an elitist.
• No, I am not saying I'm an elitist. I'm saying I'm a writer - I, too, am an artist. Writing is not as simple as smashing a keyboard.

Obligatory Links:

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noun: writer; plural noun: writers
an artist who has written a particular text.

"the writer of the letter"
a person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or regular occupation.

"the distinguished travel writer Freya Stark"
synonyms:author, wordsmith, man/woman of letters, penman
While I agree that not every person who writes something is immediately an artist... with enough practice, someone can become a very skilled written artist.
Just like with drawing, singing, sculpting, etc... it takes practice. I truly believe that given the patience and practice, a writer can truly be considered an artist.

A singer or filmmaker is considered an artist, but what about the composer or the person who wrote the script and overall outlines of the film in the first place? Writing is an artform.
It's not the superior art form... writers are definitely not better than sketch artists or singers in any sense, we're all of the same importance, but writing is definitely an art, just the same.

noun: artist; plural noun: artists
a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby.
synonyms:designer, creator, originator, producer;
old master
"a mural artist"
  • a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker.
a person skilled at a particular task or occupation.

"a surgeon who is an artist with the scalpel" "
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"nEw UsEr"
People considering writing to not be an art is like people saying all furries are sexually attracted to animals, homosexual, suffer from species dysphoria, etc.

It's certainly an art, just in a different medium. Don't ever doubt your hobbies or careers just because of some childish internet comments.


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Writing is definitely an art, though it may not have a place in some discussions about art due to its different nature compared to drawn/painted art or sculpture. The same goes for any art form - not all of them are going to necessarily fit into any given discourse, and that's okay. (By the same token, EE Cummings's "Grasshopper" doesn't fit into all discussions about poetry, even though it is a poem. Though a very artsy-fartsy poem that I personally loathe.)

People who don't consider writing a form of art likely belong in at least one of two categories: either they've not reached a stage of education (yet) where they do any literary analysis, or they don't enjoy reading. Not even thinking deep literary analysis, but the cursory stuff you do when you read things like Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, or Lord of the Flies in English class (or other impactful works in your native language class if you don't live in an English-speaking country - when I went to high school Ondskan was one of the go-to novels for Swedish class).


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Yes, I completely agree. I also think that dancing is an art. I believe art it how once expresses them self, and I do that by dancing.


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It's art through words, absolutely. A good written piece takes the same amount of work than a a good drawn/painted/whatevervisualmediumed piece.


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It walks the fine line between craft and art (as most creative pursuits do) and really only bears adding the distinction based on how you apply it. If you're writing a novel (Hi!) it would be considered a more artistic pursuit than writing, say, an instruction manual. Art vs craft. Neither is mutually exclusive (overlapping more often than not) but the end result will more often than not determine which side the the spectrum you fall more on.
Also, I need to stop using parenthetical statements -.=.- )


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it takes dedication to write a book, let alone a series of them, when I was in middle school I had this grand plan to become a 3d animator and write a booke series, so I could make the 3d art for the games and accompanying movie to make sure it was done right...fast forward ten years later and i still only have the same six pages I wrote within the first week...I wanted it to feel written from the perspective of the character, and as he was based on me we shared an age so it still reads as written by a thirteen year old. But I haven't made any progress and don't know how to resume after so long either...As such I applaud anyone with the dedication to actually finish a book whether it gets published or not.


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That's probably because DA is literally just children. I mean... I mean that's why they're childish. I had someone on DA tell me I was just reinforcing 'the man" for taking commissions for money. DA is literally the worst goddamn place to market yourself, you don't have to convince me there's a bunch of dumb children on there. Of course it's an art.