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Is your avatar gender your gender in real life?

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Adelio Altomar said:
My avatar's a guy. I'm a guy. My fursonas are guys. We've got sheaths. End of story for me.

That sounds good to me.


oh no....OH NO! D:
My fursona and I are ladies


Nope. I've adopted a male persona due to my tomboyish nature.
But it's kinda more like a 'what-if' sort of thing. In this case, what if I was a guy?


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It's interesting reading this thread, I am somewhat suprised that anyone has a fursona which differs from their real-life gender. I've always viewed the golden hound as kind of genderless or even male, but being female I suppose I can't really escape my gendered perceptions.


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Excelsior was created to be the Biker Mouse From Mars version of me, so yeah, she's female and so am I.


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Kloudmutt said:
same here cuz u cant do that wif man boobs

I've never met any woman who could do that with girl boobs either... I certainly can't...


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My character is a male like me, though he dresses like a girl :B
I'd do the same, but I have the wrong legs for it and it tends to garner odd looks from college roommates x3


Male and male, I dont like lying online, even my username is my real name.:)

Lobo Roo

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Same as my gender? Well, yeah, considering I'm transgender. My irl gender is male, and Lobo is male. My actually physical sex? Nope. IRL- stuck in a chicks body. Lobo - what I wish I could be. (Well, not an anthro kangaroo, though that would be kind of cool. But male.)
Female, im so girly. Although I want a dick :c


mine was male, and no. though he is often mistaken as a girl.


My answer is yes, my fursona is the same gender as I....most of the time.


is a Gunnery Sergeant now.
nope, just like that part in resivoir dogs (stuck in the middle with you).


my fursona and i both produce testosterone
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