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Is Your Fursona a Character?


Autumn the Squirrel
I recently commented on a post where I revealed that Autumn the Squirrel is essentially just a name and face. In terms of personality and backstory, it's all virtually nonexistent. She only exists because you're supposed to have a fursona and because (yes, I'm biased) she's cute.

Have you ever really thought about who your fursona is? Or do they exist mainly as an avatar?

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Yes, I have thought about it - Rimna has quite a bit of a backstory. I haven't written most of it down tho, so the majority is only in my head. He is a character, he's not a representation of me in animal form.


Trash Connoisseur
For me, it's a little bit of both. 'Gemi' the Fursona, is more of a caricature of myself. I do plan on using her as a 'self-insert' essentially for some projects, both personal and otherwise.

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While my fursona embodies much of what I like and how I look, she is her own character living within her own world, with a detailed backstory, environment and social circle of friends, familiy and so on.


Fun loving kitty cat
Have you ever really thought about who your fursona is? Or do they exist mainly as an avatar?

I thought about it a lot, but it's easier in my case...my fursona is simply me idealized. I'm a "feline soul" kind of person and I always feel my cat self, so to me, Mambi's personality is mine pretty much IRL and his appearance is how I see myself mentally. I only wish I had the actual fur look and real fangs/tail/ears/etc, but when I wear mine I practically feel like "Mambi", and I wear my fangs all the time because it helps me feel like "myself" again. So because of that I don't see the avatar fursona as separate, but rather just me looking as I want to be because "his" personality already is me. <giggle>

(and yes, I really do giggle a lot IRL as well...I'm a happy fun-loving guy! What can I say? I don't apologize for it. <sticks out toungue playfully> The portal ability also isn't real of course, but always has been a dream power to have exactly as I depict it<LOL>. At least that's what I tell the gouvernment men who come to check on weird stories they heard <wink>)


actually becomes opossum like a boss
my fursona is me as an animal but more of what I wish I was,only on a realistic scale though (he's not as fat as me and has what I wish my hair looked like)


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
It's just me myself, only "hyenized". So not a character really. But I do find that striped hyena is a very good metaphor or "archetype" for the way I am, so it's not meaningless either.

But the (actually rarely used) antelope alt, that one is mainly for aesthetics, aka "cool looks" very much indeed... Still not any kind of character separate from myself.


Deviated Prevert
Yes, Hara Surya/Sarra Evans is a fictional character. On some level she's how I chose to present myself on sites like this one for no other reason than my real life is kind of lame. (Plus, she's a damn sight better looking.)

She has a fictional backstory going back to her infancy with the two biggest differences being our genders and her best friend. I'm currently writing it into a series of slice of life stories titled "All The Promises We Made" which is on my FurAffinity and DeviantArt for free.


purring like a wolf
for me, my fursona and myself are eachother, like separate meat suits connected to the same network, but im more comfortable in the body of my fursona

Stray Cat Terry

My sona is me as a character so that I can use them for RP too.

In my fictional universe, Terry is the creator of most stuff, because I made the stories and stuff. Terry isn't essentially a god in that universe though, and all the characters in the universe never know me and my sona's existence. However, Terry can still interact with the universe via both controls(as the characyers' owner) and physical form(as Terry themselves), while concealing that they are the creator of the beings.


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Mine will be a character, once I've got a story written! Too bad writing is really hard and takes forever lol


Darius Nack
my fursona has a existing background to him and a story to go with him. So I definitely can say that he is a character.


Darius Nack
Marius is my avatar and face of my online presence, based on myself, but he's also a character.
He has a general background (where he lives and where he worked), but he's also a druid duck in a D&D campaign, an X-wing pilot in a Star Wars fanfic, and a professor in another unrelated story.
And don't forget he is one of the many side characters of my story.

Good Boy Avery

Level 28 Good Boy
Yes and no. Avery exists as me in furry form, he'd make all the same decisions (and mistakes) that i would.


Chimichangas Chimichangas Chimichangas Chimichanga
My fursona is a character that I share things in common with. We are both social hermit introverts. While he's away from people in caves and sewer systems, I tend to be the person on the outside of the social circle. I was always that girl that sat alone at lunch at school.

Though I'm not a writer, he does have a bit of a backstory of how he came to be. I just wanted to make a more mature and rugged character that I didn't intend to have things in common with, but just thought was cool and interesting. Turns out if we met, I think we'd become friends.

Edit: Below is art of some people's fursonas including mine by someone named Kaywi on Discord. Notice how Dusty (the bat dude) is the only one off to the side without any friends? Is that a mood or what? ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ


Bluefiremark II

Magic Blue Phoenix
Yeah, my sona is a character. Story and lore.. even world building along with him, mainly being a place called Oblivion. I have plenty of story and lore with many of my characters, not just Blue. And i do have a lot of characters.


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I made Harmina as a way to represent myself online, but now I am also trying to create a life and a world for her. She has grown past her creator and now is taking a form all her own.