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Is Your Fursona a Character?


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.
Skittles is me. A wee bit bolder than I am in reality perhaps.

I have two other characters I use for RP purposes.

Eldrana and Mirian.

Aika the manokit

Adorable fisherman
Aika is an easygoing, simple fisherman who has many stories and secrets. He represents my own easygoing personality. He's my emotional support sona.

Jackpot Raccuki

Although half canine, is not a wolf.
I like a lot of story building and lore, so technically my Fursona is NOT a character, but at the same time there is a "character" of my fursona.
In otherwords there is two different versions of Jackpot, the obvious will be that the fursona version is nicer, whereas the story version doesn't care who you are and just take your soul and move on.
He is or rather has a fursona version because I like his character a lot since his smug and greedy nature fits me, and coz I get to horde my boyfriend to myself, or rather pretend I am. >w>

The character Jackpot has been defeated before, and at same time has canonically caused genocides and lots of death just to satisfiy his greed.
The fursona Jackpot is more friendlier and his 'greedy' nature just means he wants to take care of those close to him.

Technically, the character version is capable of being nice, but the odds are not in your favour, as expected from someone who owns plenty of casinos.


Yeah, mine has a backstory and a huge world I created all for her kind. The world has been in the works since I was a teenager so many years ago, a solid 17 or so years ago. Different characters back then, and I still think of that story sometimes, but now I use that world as a base for my sona's stories. Right now I'm working on fleshing out some of the other characters and world details so I have less of an excuse not to write some actual story bits.


My fursona is basically everything I am and want to be, but she does have her own backstory I made when I was younger. She's her own person but me at the same time!


The Life Breather
My fursona is an extension of myself....my otherside behind the looking glass...

And WOW I haven't posted in here in a looong long time ago XD


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Both my sonas have extensive backstories, but that's just cause I like world building.

Basically the above. I actually have very little in common with my Fursona, but I will get vent art with her as a form of coping.
For the most part she's her own creature-thing with her own shit going on.


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Yeah if I'd ever get around to making a backstory.


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For me a fursonna is more something of an avatar. But i have other characters with their backstories and personalities.


Both of my fursonas are more avatars than they are characters. I don't see a reason to go deeper than that with them. I have other characters and a webcomic if I want to do character building/story writing/world building/etc.


Slippery When Wet
Mine is a character that I've used for long-term roleplay.

To me, I kind of see it as "acting." Like, when I'm not in RP, my character is "me" for the most part, though she has a few talents and hobbies and skills I don't. She's like the "better version" of me.

The RP version of Maelstrom has a more detailed backstory that doesn't mirror my own, though there are some parts that are drawn from my own life experiences. She exists in a different time period so her experiences as a character are based on that.


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Femboy Pommie artist with a donut obsession
Pascal is more like an alternate persona for myself. Like in the way someone may have a drag identity. When I use to go to Furry dances dress with his tail and ears I definitely got "into character".
I miss those dances D:


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I suppose since he's been used in stories and such with his own backstory...then yes?
Doesn't have a huge world or history. Not like he's from an alternate dimension where cookies taste like burnt carrots and wombats have electric tongues X3

But still, I'd say he's a character :3


uh I can explain?
I suppose since he's been used in stories and such with his own backstory...then yes?
Doesn't have a huge world or history. Not like he's from an alternate dimension where cookies taste like burnt carrots and wombats have electric tongues X3

But still, I'd say he's a character :3
That's a strange world there, KD


Engineering Wolf
My sona, Triv, is an extension of myself in a number of ways (same career choice, age, height, interests, etc) but can change in some degree to match whatever story I'm working on with him in it. He can be as cold hearted and ruthless as need be or kind and caring. It all depends on what I'm using him for, much like how all my other OCs are.


I have multiple characters and no fursona, just one character I use to sort of 'put a face to the user', even though he's nothing like me.

Ziggy Schlacht

Hasn't figured out this "straight" business
I'd hazard that 3 characters of mine that aren't my fursona all have more of a backstory than my actual fursona. But those three are all DnD Characters of mine - so that's cheating. We'll ignore my tendency to draw porn of them.

That being said, as seems to be common - Ziggy has a relatively well defined personality and tastes, at least in my head. I don't write, so there's only so much that can be communicated. Granted, he's basically me but if I was written as a character in a book with clear, somewhat extreme tastes for the sake of story telling. But in terms of where did he come from (where did he go? Cotton Eyed... Cat?) there's not much.


Hello, Proto
My main is a character as well as an aspiration. He's something I am looking to become in ways, so I guess I role play as him to get into that mindset. If you wanna be a cool tech-minded gay uncle, you gotta first THINK like one, right? ;p
Should help keep my interests in check so I don't go crazy and start going off in multiple directions at once.