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Is your town haunted?


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They say the city of San Marcos' homes around the older, downtown area are haunted with ghosts. It's rumored to be one of the most haunted areas of the country. I haven't lived there before so I don't know how true it is.
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There are whole books written on all the ghosts in Oxford :)
I'll post one here tomorrow when I won't shit myself (10:45 here)


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When I was about eight years old, my mother and her roommate had gone to Vancouver on business or something. Either way, I was alone in the house overnight.
My bedroom faced the stairway down into the basement, and I always got a horrible feeling when I was in that basement. My bedroom door had glass panels, so one could see the the staircase leading down, to the left the staircase to the kitchen and to the right the door to outside.

I was reading in bed, and I turned off the light. As I settled down into bed, I heard the click-roll sound of my doorknob being turned and opened. Startled, I looked straight at the door, which was opening. There was no arm on the door, no hand on the doorknob, and I saw the knob turning.
In the darkness of the doorway stood a semi-transparent shadow, with rather square edges and about six feet tall. There were no discernable features of any kind, except for the rather square "shoulder" like protrusions.

I squeaked at it to 'Go away,' and then the door began to close. Again no hand on the doorknob or anything, just that weird, swirly black misty shape, and then the doorknob turned again as it shut.

I didn't sleep that night.

After that incident, when I looked across the room at the door at night, I would sometimes see faces in the glass. Warping and shifting as if inside the glass itself, smiling faces, angry faces, sad faces... Very faintly. I would, more often, see small blasts of breath appearing on the glass, but no one would be there.

I got little fish themed stick-eez to put on the glass, and put colourful fish all over the panes. Then I covered it with a towel at night. Fuck you, weird faces.


There's a place in southern Sweden (about an hour and a half's ride from where I live) called "Torpas Stenhus" and was built around the 1400's. It's still there and in excellent condition, it's a tourist attraction in that area. There are all different sorts of hauntings there (more than for what I care to list...) but there was an incident where two young girls, around 17-19 years old, ditched their tour guide and hid while the staff closed the building for the night, the next morning when the staff went to open the doors, they found both girls at the front door scared to death, trying to claw their way out the door. That only happened about 10-15 years ago.


Copied from BBC:
Colonel Francis Winderbank is the resident scary monster of Merton College. Some reports claim he was shot in 1645 after surrendering to Oliver Cromwell.
Those that have seen the apparition say he walks around the library on his knees. It is more likely that the ghost is actually walking on the original floor before it was raised to the present level.

The library of St John's College is also haunted, by the headless ghost of Archbishop William Laud who was beheaded in 1645 following impeachment by the Long Parliament. Late at night students immersed in their studies have been disturbed by Laud kicking his head along the floor with a candle in his hand.

This city predates the written history of the united states itself, so I'd be darn surprised if there where no ghosts here.


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There's a place in southern Sweden (about an hour and a half's ride from where I live) called "Torpas Stenhus" and was built around the 1400's. It's still there and in excellent condition, it's a tourist attraction in that area. There are all different sorts of hauntings there (more than for what I care to list...) but there was an incident where two young girls, around 17-19 years old, ditched their tour guide and hid while the staff closed the building for the night, the next morning when the staff went to open the doors, they found both girls at the front door scared to death, trying to claw their way out the door. That only happened about 10-15 years ago.

Like actually dead? Or just sort of driven a little mad?


Look it up on wikipedia. If they where killed it will be in there.
EDIT: can't find any decent links in English
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My town of London, Ontario is haunted (darn thing won't let me cut and paste from Shadowlands). I find it funny that they listed my old highschool on that page.

My workplace is currently also haunted. And I've taken a picture of my cat staring at an orb from my bed. Pretty much explains why he runs around a lot *S*


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My old high school is haunted and my sister in law experinced it. D: I WISH I HAD KNOWN IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! I would've been ghost hunting EVERYNIGHT! I only lived down the bloack from it. XD

Since I live in OC, there's a lot of cities that are close that are haunted. Like in Irvine, there's a road that's suppose to be haunted. If you go down it at midnight by yourself, you're suppose to be able to pick up a ghostly hitchhiker. D:

My High school is on that page, Anahiem High School. :D A bunch of people died in its underground fallout shelter. xD


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Here's for where I'm from, Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Kenosha - Durkee Mansion / Kemper Hall - Sightings of nuns peering out from behind the windows. In the late 1800 and early 1900 this was used as a school for girls - which was run by the nuns.

Kenosha - Holy Rosary Catholic School - During the night, there are noises in the pipes in all the bathrooms, hot and cold spots, wierd smells down by the cafeteria that are on and off, a hearing of footsteps has been heard late at night by janitors, and in the Computer Lab/Library books have been tossed across the room laying everywhere.

Kenosha - Pleasant Prairie - Paupers Cemetery across from the police station on highway H. - The ground is giving way because the wood coffins that are unknown are buried in are rotting away. At night you can hear the moans and sighs of the unknown and un-named John and Jane Does that die alone, without anyone to claim their bodies or mark there last resting place.

Kenosha - Rhode Opera House - There are reports of noises and voices and other occurrences, accompanied by an apparition of a man.

And here's for where I am now, Rapid City, South Dakota:

Rapid City - Alex Johnson Hotel - Built in the 1920's, the Hotel is said to be haunted by many ghosts including the original owner. Employees tell of noises, items moving, and a woman seen on the eighth floor. Guests have told of strange happenings especially on the eighth floor, pianos playing themselves, crying in a room that a woman supposedly jumped out of the window on her wedding night.

Rapid City - Ellsworth Air Force Base - Moving objects and shadowy figures observed here.

Rapid City - Hooky Jacks/Phatty McGees Restaurant and Bar - Hooky's is the oldest building in Rapid City, built in the late 1800's. There have been reports of noises - people talking, footsteps, and chairs moving around all when no one is there. Bartenders report of seeing people walk by only to find that there is no one around, also things that are pushed very far back from a ledge mysteriously fall.

Rapid City - Old Rapid City High School - now Dakota Junior High - The heater room said to be haunted by football coach and team that had died years ago in a plane crash. - UPDATE: The story is in 1968 or 69, on St. Patrick's Day, the cheerleading squad and their coaches were killed in a plane crash at Rapid City Regional Airport while returning from the state AA's boys basketball tournament in Sioux Falls. It was a private plane owned by one of the cheerleaders' father. Now there is an award given out at the state basketball tournaments every year to the cheerleading squad with the best spirit, called the Spirit of Six Award and is in honor of the 6 cheerleaders who were killed in the crash. It is the third floor gym of the school, which is supposedly haunted because that is where they used to practice.

Rapid City - Rushmore 9 Movie Theater - many employees have had strange interactions with paranormal activities in both the projection room and the main halls. Shadows of human like figures and balls of floating light have been seen by friends and workers alike. Reason for haunting unknown.

Rapid City - Sioux San Hospital - Sioux San was a boarding school, many many years ago for Native American children and a sanitarium for TB patients many years later. It is now an out-patient hospital. It is said the voices and crying and apparitions of children haunt the third floor. These sightings have been seen by numerous night guards, who have quit because of the ghosts. There are numerous little graves on the grounds, of children who still need to go home to their families.

Rapid City - Stevens High School - the storage room is haunted by a ghost called "Sparky". -March 2007 correction: "Sparky" is a well-known figure who reportedly plays jokes in the theater. He snaps lights on and off and opens and shuts doors, rattling staff and students. Former students now in their thirties have reported he was named Sparky when they went there. A freshman at Steven's reports Sparky played tricks on them every time they were practicing for a concert. "He messed with the sound system, the lights, the doors, everything."

Rapid City - The Hotel Alex Johnson - This hotel is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a former hotel manager who leapt to her death from the roof in the 1930's. A ghost who stands at the foor of the room's bed at night haunts one of the rooms. Several hotel workers have reported poltergeist activity on the hotel's top floor. This floor is currently used for storage, and workers have heard furniture moving around and lights flickering on and off. One employee reported having a chair thrown down the stairwell at him from the top floor doorway when there was no one on the floor at the time. Several employees have quit because of the apparitions.

By the way, I've been to Kemper Hall, Holy Rosary, and Pauper's Cemetery in Kenosha, and the Alex Johnson Hotel in Rapid City. To top it off, I LIVE ON Ellsworth Air Force Base! I have personally witnessed a few things, and have had much more told to me by residents of the airmen's dorms and base housing.


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I've also been here:
Burlington - Burlington Public Cemetery - When walking by at any time of night you get a horrible feeling of being watched and followed there used to even be some report along a small path there leads to another small cemetery where people were chased out by some mysterious things. - September 2004 update/ correction: the smaller cemetary can not be reached by a path, and can not be seen from the road, or the cemetary. There is a large field(about the size of a football field) that is owned by the cemetary. At the end of the field, there is a wooded area. To the left, it appears to be a large path/clearing. That is where the private cemetary is. It's very shady, fenced in, and surrounded by houses. There are a handful of old graves, scattered about, so if venturing there in the dark, be careful not to trip and fall. The cemetary is closed from Sunset to Sunrise. So there is no trespassing while it is closed. And be respectful of the people living in the area.

and here:

Eagle - Rainbow Springs golf course - The previous owner was building a resort but was short a sum of money right before it was finished, the man vowed that no one would be able to run the place. He died and haunts the whole golf course.

I will NEVER go back to the Rainbow Springs Hotel. JUST LOOK AT IT!


OH YEAH both of these locations are in Wisconsin
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this is what is says for my town

gilbert-Highland junior high- in the girls P.E. locker room, the toilets flush, the hair driers turn on, and the lockers open all by them selves. The school was build on a piece of land that used to be a farm. On the farm, the father ran over his own doughtier with the tractor, killing her. The ghost of the little girl has never left


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I live in Atlanta, but I've been to MOST of these places... ^^;

Atlanta - Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater - Years ago a rock singer was killed on stage by a gunshot that come from the stadium. His spirit stills walks thru the seating area. Some have said that you can feel his hand on your neck.

Atlanta - The Masquerade - After-hours people have spotted the ghost of a tall black man wandering around inside the club. Heavy music amplifiers are found turned upside down. Also unexplained footsteps, cold spots, and unearthly screams are heard around the backstairs. The nightclub is rumored to be frequented by true vampires. It is said that a vampire actually lives on the premises. The building was once a textile mill where several young girls died in accidents and others developed tuberculosis because of the dangerous working conditions. Shrieks, footsteps and other noises are frequently heard during non-business hours on the back stairs, where cold spots are often felt. The building has been the site of a number of freak accidents including fires and structural collapses.

Atlanta - The Shakespeare Tavern - During a production of Henry IV Part I in 1993, the actor playing Falstaff suddenly came from the men's dressing room, very shaken. He had seen a very young boy dressed in a velvet suit much like children wore in the 1800's beside his dressing table. Others have seen passing images and odd lights over the years. Sometimes when the theater is pretty much deserted, voices will be heard, as if a group is meeting together. There is a room in the top level of the building that sensitive people will not enter, because it is clammy and the energy feels terrible in there. An old man has been spotted on a couple of occasions. A female energy once warned of a fire, and sometimes upsets things in the women's dressing room. Occasionally a shadowy figure can be seen on the catwalk above the stage.

Atlanta - Six Flags - People have seen a little girl wondering around pretending like she is lost. If you follow her she will lead you so far into the woods you won't be able to find your way back, then you will turn around and she will vanish!

Gwinnett - Dacula - The Old Mill - Off of Alcovy Road in Decula, Georgia, cars that pass by the abandoned mill see a light in the top story of the abandoned building turn on when you drive by with the reflection of a man in the window. The Mill is right off of a creek that has a bridge going over it, and if you stop on the bridge, you can see the appearance of a green glow coming from the woods behind the mill.

Gwinnett - Lawrenceville - Clayton St. Funeral home - built in the early 1900's, originally a four room funeral home, converted to residential in the 20's, is home to 2 "suicide" victims who have been seen roaming the grounds. Electrical devices are strangely affected, doors and windows open and close on occasion, and multiple persons have seen “ghostly” figures. Don't linger on the street too long.

Lawrenceville - Little Gardens Restaurant - An old 1800s plantation house that was turned into a fancy restaurant. A woman died there in the early 1900s and haunts the restaurant. Workers have seen and felt her presence often. Dishes and silverware have moved and been thrown across the tables. She mainly haunts the upstairs and several reports have been reported in the bathrooms. The bathroom Doors open and close by themselves. Cold spots have been felt and loud footsteps lurk behind you when there isn't anyone there.

Lookout Mountain - Ruby Falls - in the rock formation "Ruby's Drapery", and in the twilight zone, there have been sightings of mysterious shadows and figures. on a school trip, a child named Katie saw a woman dressed in ruby red clothes. Said to be the ghost of "Ruby", who the caverns were named after.

Stone Mountain - old cemetery at the end of Main Street - A very old cemetery dating back before the civil war, Orbs seen by the naked eye floating around and if you take a picture, you will be guaranteed to see an orb. You will have to go at night though. There are marble platforms to stand on between the graves and it feels like a hand is pushing you off and people never seem to keep their balance. You can hear footsteps and leaves and branches being crushed around you when there is nobody there. Even in the summer, numerous cold spots have been reported by many people (including me) and sometimes it feels like a cold hand is touching or poking you. This is a very haunted place. Everyone who goes there at night usually experiences something paranormal.

Stone Mountain - Stone Mountain Park. Old U.S. 78 East - Beginning where the Cherokee trail intersects old U.S. 78 East (near the main railroad station) my wife and youngest son nearly always hear footsteps not matching their gait. I've never heard it, but my dog has. He looks back every 10 feet or so when we walk the short length of roadway. The sensation seems to only happen to the person lagging behind.

Stone Mountain - Stone Mountain Park's Antebellum Plantation - Several Buildings in there are haunted: Thornton House: Workers have reported feeling a spirit at the top of the stairs, between the children's rooms. Dickey House: Confederate re-enactors have reported seeing a woman in top floor windows when he camp out on lawn. Slave Quarters: Reported feeling spirits.

Stone Mountain - Village Inn - Hotel built around 1830's was used as a hospital during the civil war. Many audible haunting including black man singing, whistling, mores code, and footsteps have been reported. Doors slam open, and glimpses of shadows moving out of the corners of your eye. The haunting seems to come and go over the years. There is long history of paranormal events.


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If you look up Califorina, I've pretty been everywhere on that list. :D


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Arizona. Do you know freakin` rich the history is in this place? We literally have a town called 'Tombstone'.

There are many places in Arizona that are claimed to be haunted. I actually wouldn't mind visiting a few, considering i'm highly interested in that type of stuff. ^^

Well, Arizona is one of those 'old western' states that was part of Mexico i guess. I don't find it to surprising that we have so many haunted places here. Wasn't there a huge gold rush thang goin` on?
Oh God my history on Arizona is horrible. I just know it had people in it and stuff happened and that it is very, ums, important-ish. Makes sense? Yup. Totally. Ill leave now

Talk about drama~ ;3


My living room is haunted. That's why I let people in the back door....


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Actually been seeing things in my house lately. My dad captured a photo of a face last week and just today my stepmom saw a black mass in their bedroom. Got a camera set up for tonight.

Also there's a hotel with a supposedly haunted room.


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My area has this screaming tunnel. If you light a candle or match or lighter in the middle of the tunnel, it will go out and you will hear a girl screaming. Apparently there was a house at the end of the tunnel that caught on fire and a girl burned to death in the middle of the tunnel.
Well I don't believe any of this stuff exists, but from a horror-fan, it's very fun to read! I don't believe my town is haunted, though I'm sure there are a couple stupid legends around.


Well... I penetrated Warsaw in every way possible. The citadel, all possible forts, old metro (started by soviets and abandoned in late 50s'), old sewers, abandoned mental hospital and almost every bunker of The Modlin Fortress. Not even a sight of paranormal activity. And counting how many people died there during I and II WW and both uprisings... yeah. Apart from that, well... All major castles, some abandoned mines (don't even think about it), nazi germany extermination and concentration camps, Chernobyl and Prypyat and even abandoned soviet atomic bunkers - and about this the most exciting thing were the landmines, as fucking soviets never cleared them. Luckily we had the map showing dangerous zones, stolen [hacked] from forestry management site. But still, we stayed on the traces of forestry tractors.

I admit, penetrating half-flooded corridors and tunnels is at least... exciting, but... there is nothing there. I guess that either all of the ghost stories are bollocks, or I'm being protected by my scepticism and rational approach (as in every place I was out of passion, as a historian/archeologist/prospector not a ghost hunter). And I'm betting all my savings on the first option.
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