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ISO Artist Who Can Draw Semi-Realistic Deer $50


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I'm in search of an artist who can draw semi-realistic or realistic deer characters, both anthro and feral. I have a white-tailed deer character who I would like to see brought to life, but I'll unfortunately be quite picky about the artist as I don't care for the styles in which most deer characters are drawn. I'm looking for someone who can get the body and face shape as natural as possible, and the antlers realistic to the species. I'm currently looking for a character design/basic pin-up/single pose ref sort of deal just so I can get this character out of my head and where others can see him.

I'm putting a price tag of $50 on here for now since I'm mostly just looking for a basic, probably flat-colored piece, but my budget can go much higher and I might look for a more detailed piece or a ref sheet if I find the right artist. Thank you for looking.


I concider my style to be semi realistinc and I take care to be true to the original animal anathomy! You can see my prices and more examples on my website here: atelierlunatic.ca
and I have a recent deer examples on my FA but it's nsfw :x
Here's a ref I'm working one for myself recenlty and a flat color feral example!

Samantha Rose

Hey there! Id be willing to do it no problem :) Commissions start at 10$ and go up from there. If interested you can message me here or email me~itstotssammi@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you soon!

I'd love to be taken into consideration if you're still in search of an artist :^)
For $50 I could do a half-body/portrait for you, but I don't really do flat color pieces.
Here's my ref sheet and prices:
I'd be quite interested in helping you with a fullbody image and / or ref sheet! My style tends to range from semi-realistic to more realistic depending on the piece / references, so I can definitely push for more realism if that's what you'd like. I'm also comfortable with both feral and anthro builds. Feel free to contact me here or email me at invertsilhouette [at] gmail.com if you're interested!

Unfortunately I don't have any recent finished examples of deer, but I do have some gesture / anatomy studies here:
I can do a flat color fullbody image for $40 - $50 (example 1) or a detailed / shaded fullbody for $50+ depending on the detail of the character (examples 2 & 3)