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The Confused Little Fennec Fox

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to say that Citi is ready to find a counterpart. Whether it is as a pet or a mate! He is hoping to find someone he can enjoy time with and have the company of.

What I am looking for;
- I am looking for someone who wants to form a friendship out of character and a relationship with one of my main characters.
- It would be a plus if we can meet at conventions in the future, after getting to know each other, and suit up. (Shorter than me is a plus!)
- I also want someone who puts effort into the ship as much as I do. I don't expect your attention 24/7 but I do hope to talk on a regular basis.
- I want someone who will role play with our characters.
Must be 21+

What I am offering!;
- New art at least once a month from hq artists!
(You're encouraged to show me artists you like!)
- A friendship out of character!
- If you are a gamer, I will gladly play games with you!
(Building my collection again, please recommend stuff to me!)
- Someone with 9 years of roleplaying experience
- Personal gifts when we get to know each other better
-NSFW art
- Professional photography sessions in suit!
(I'll gladly help to afford attendance and the suit. Also, being in character in suit would be fun!)

I do not expect anyone to buy/pay for things for me. I just want to build an awesome friendship! Also, this benefits me greatly by giving me the opportunity to utilize my character to the fullest.

If you have any questions and or if you're interested, please comment below or pm me! Thanks for reading!

Information about Citi:


Celestial Tear

Late 20s, Early 30s



Dominant - Prefers feminine roles (Any Gender)


Citi is rather quiet but enjoys the company of others. He's often times sarcastic, though it's under his breath. If he sees a threat to those close to him, he likes to protect them. However, he'd rather find a calm, rational way to work out problems. He's very fatherly and laid back. However, he does like to have fun. He's more on the romantic side and tends to fall in love easily. However, he tends to be friends with everyone and tries to be a positive, helpful person.

Physical Appearance:
He's pure white with long, straight white hair. His mane and tail drags along the ground, a few shorter strands fall over his ear and rest on his forehead. He has a planet for pupils/irises, something more purple with the galaxy billowing out of his eyes like smoke. His hooves are silver and sparkle but they're hidden beneath long hair that grows from his ankles. On his shoulder are freckles in the placement of the big dipper. His inner ears and tongue are silver and seem to sparkle. His muzzle fades into the sparkling silver as well.
His fur/hair are snow white. His blood is golden and his tears have small planets in them, reflective of what his eyes look like. He is eight feet tall with a muscular build. Much like that of a lumber jack.

Favorite Colors:

Favorite Foods:

Learning new things
Spending time with his daughter
Being in nature

Celestial Tear was found in a wooden milk carton beneath a tree. He was very small and seemed malnourished. He was taken in by an older couple in which he was raised on a farm. He helped to work on their farm, considering them his real parents, until they passed away. He remained alone for awhile. The only connection he had with people is when he would go into town and teach at the local college. He grew lonesome until he was walking along his land. Beneath a tree, he found a little creature. A little girl named Maus. He took in the child to raise as his own. However, he still finds himself being lonely. He wishes to have someone beside him to help him raise his daughter.

He has an official ref sheet being made
Will be placed here when completed
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