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"It'll be done when it's do--..what's that? IT IS?!"


Bokra, come out to pla-ay
chronoteeth said:
How can one hate the manliness that is Jon St. John's epic voice?
Because it's not him in the teaser?


I so wished I could'a heard him say, "COME GET SOME." But, that suffices. About time they made this.


Not an engine rewrite - a jump between engines. When Duke Nukem Foreverstarted, it was running off Unreal Tournament's engine. Yeah, the first UT. At some point, they converted it over to UT2004's engine and now it's rumored to be running on Unreal Engine 3.

I've heard within my circle that Duke Nukem Forever really is happening and is in development, but it has obviously been slow and arduous. I think the release of Prey confirms that 3D Realms is dedicated to the game taking as long as it needs to get done. Prey, as a concept, started some eight years ago, although the Doom 3 engine game we know it as began roughly two years before to its ship date. And Prey turned out alright... still probably the best use of the Doom 3 engine.


I wouldn't get your hopes up anyone, I remember seeing quite a lengthy video of Duke Nukem Forever gameplay (much much more than this teaser offers) about five or six YEARS ago. I'm not going to beleive it's anywhere near release until I'm holding it in my hands.


Hooo, I told a lie. It wasn't five or six years ago (that was a conservative estimate) It was NINETEEN NINETY EIGHT!!!

I remember seeing this, and thinking the graphics were amazing.