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It's been awhile, showing some new pieces


New Member
That second one is amazing to me ( so is the first) but is it on canvas? If so i love it very much as i cannot use paints to save my life XD


Those are great. Are they both physical paintings or is the first one digital? Do you use acrylic?
You're making me want to get back into digital painting. Whenever I attempt it now I keep trying to hit "command + Z".
The first one is a digital piece and the second one is an acrylic painting on canvas ^^
And lol I have such different processes for painting traditionally to digitally thankfully I don't get the command z compulsion XD

Work like this is what has made me start drawing every day, hopefully I might do it someday. Still got 6 years until I'm 20, so I should do Ok...
Just keep challenging yourself and try new things!