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It's here. Furry Survey 2013

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Interesting how in the last bunch of questions they didn't have any neutral bubbles. Either neutral leaning positive, or neutral leaning negative.


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If I were smart, I'd have screencapped and saved my answers for comparison to next year's survey, but I do remember some of the questions held over from last year and it seems I have adjusted my responses a bit. Ah well.

Also, I too like the little scientist-looking fellow on the start page.

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I took it last year and this year. I was truthful but did skip a few questions that seemed too personal to answer.


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Yay, I did it! Now to wait like 1mouth and forget to check the results. Maybe make another thread with the results?


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Well, I just answered it. I couldn't remember if I had done it already, but it said that it takes the IP address so I know that my input cannot count for 2 people if I have filled it in before.


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Well I took it hope it helps


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Took it, although a little late. I wonder when the results will be posted for this, I love looking at stuff like that :p
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