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It's my B-Day

Yep that's right!
I'm 19!


Wonderful, mate. Happy birthday indeed and to many happy returns.

*hugs* Enjoy your day, brother.
BlitzWolf said:
*hugs* Enjoy your day, brother.

It'll be hard to enjoy... beside having a house without my small brother, I'll just be sitting at home... but there's one good thing... I uploaded the end of my comic's prologue...

But I'm happy anyways
Good to hear. Happy birthday, and all that kind of stuff. Go mad and treat yourself to something completely unnecessary.
Nah I'm too scared to do anything... think of the consequenses...

Steve: Hey guys, I got drunk yesterday! I remember nothing! But I woke up today with sexy tatoo! Guess I had a great night with a girl yesterday!
Voren: <amazed> How do you know it was a girl if you can't remember anything?
Steve: I got a tatoo on my butt saying "Scotty <heart>"
Joseph: You know "Scotty" can also and IS rather used as a male name?
Steve: <gulp> it was a girl... it HAD TO be a girl...

So nah, I don't aprty like crazy


Happy Birthday to my fellow Scorpio! :D
And now i know another who's birthday is also on the 17th! :p

(That's the noise that one of those little rolled-up paper horn things makes. Happy birthday, good sir.)


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Gah, I missed your birthday! Happy after-the-fact birthday! 19 is a good year, I hope you enjoy it!