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It's official: Men really are the weaker sex

Roose Hurro

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Well, we're certainly doing a good job of fucking everything up, aren't we? @_@

I want to see the details before I comment further though...

Adelio Altomar

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Who knows what the Hell's happening to the human race, what with all the chemicals and other weird shit the companies tend to put in our products for cost-effective reasons!
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A planet with no men. I can hear lesbians cheering all the way from California. Pssh.

We'll find a way to head the problem off.

Chemical exposure during pregnancy... well, fuck, there are billions of chemicals mothers get exposed to in various amounts while pregnant. Things like pesticides and whatnot are OBVIOUSLY bad for other reasons.

Also: Your dick is small because your dick is small. You rolled the genetic dice and came up snake-eyes. It probably isn't chemicals. Short of suffering from a significant hormonal imbalance during an important stage in sexual development (adolescence), anyway.
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Adelio Altomar

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At least they're saving money.

Yeah, they're saving money at what expense?! Even they don't even know!!

Just because you're low on hospital gloves, doesn't mean you double up on gloves for every two patients! Or needles! Same should go for public other places such as salons and spas, but some insist on using the same one for a different person or double-dipping, even!


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good. it will reduce the global population to a manageable level. there actually needs to be about a 30% cut in global population to make things better humans and animals.


wow. just wow.
What I find weird is that there is no mention of the problems with females that are thrown into chemical-filled areas. Rather interesting, isn't it?

You know, if they start changing into males... then the problem is pretty much fixing itself, right?


I was trying to get people to realize that this is quite the sexist article; there was no mention of the obvious connection between increased retardation and autism rates and the amount of chemicals they're talking about.

Well, that's because the article is about males and the effect of chemicals on them.


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I can still beat the shit out of any woman out there. /thread.


I still have a penis.
So....what's new next week? The demonic cellphone signal that resurrects the dead as zombies?


O rly? Chemical exposure eh?.........*looks down*
Well, least I know I'm ok.