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its that tiem of year again =D


its the point of no return
sup gaiz well a little about me and alittle bout my fursona
favorite animal:badger
music:punk metal some rap(icp, imortal technique, and eminem)
fursuit:hell no i just like the art =T
sex:yes please oh wait male >=(

my fursona
name:yuko anakumo
music:metal japanese traditional same rap as above

well there it is i have other ocs but thats my fursona. so yeah pretty much just get to know me. im a pretty likable guy and every ones my freind untill they start crap with me. so just dont start crap with me and we could be like best of freinds. but pretty much just talk to me and get to know me its hard to really state my personality in words but yeah. peace my new fur freinds.some words i purposly mispell:tiem gaiz raep :thats about it


Evil villain
Hooray I'm no longer the newest member in this sub-forum! Welcome to FA :)


its the point of no return
haha thanks man so whats youre fursona?


Evil villain
Working on it at the moment ;)


its the point of no return
oh sic what ideas do you have in mind


Terrorist Scum
Friendly advice, kid, don't mention ICP on these forums ever again.


its the point of no return
kinda i dont wear clown make up i just listen to them i forgot to mention hed pe but i do have freinds that are full out juggalos

Stargazer Bleu

2b forgot is worse than death
Hi there Yakuzabadger. Welcome to FAF.

Careful with your spelling. Some people it makes go crazy, and they like to pick on people like that.

Anyway, enjoy your stay with us.