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Is stupid.

So my mate gets a pop up box, asking her to update Itunes to the latest version. So she does. After itunes updates itself, this is the error message she gets.

Man, I needed that hour for other things.

To Do List:

1. re-enable account control on all household common access PC's.
2. change the access codes on the door to the lab downstairs
3. lecture mate on the merrits and risks of blindly following vendors recommendations
4. buy the kids a real MP3 player.


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did you update quicktime as well? IIRC iTunes 8.0 or newer requires quicktime 7.5 or newer.

I hate quicktime/iTunes for windows. Much better on a mac though.


did you update quicktime as well? IIRC iTunes 8.0 or newer requires quicktime 7.5 or newer

It was Apple's updater (the one that tries to stealth install Safari and a bunch of crapplets) you'd think that it would have installed the dependencies.

Re-installing QT (as per apple knowlegebase) didn't work. Had to remove and re-install both apps. Hence the lost hour.


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Yea itunes for windows really does suck. The dell tech where i work (im an apple tech) rants about it all the time. Atleast 1 person a week has some sort of problem with it.

Dont even get me started on safari for windows.


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I use iTunes on a Windows OS. Works like a dream. Never had a problem with it. Wouldn't think of touching anything else since.

But that's me.


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Sounds like she un-checked the update for Quicktime when she was deselecting all the little "goodies".
Same thing happened with my sister's PC.


Only reason iTunes is because it's a pretty simple program to use to convert the music I've got to AAC 128.


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Itunes thread.

I just KNEW David would be here.


Cecret Blown Susiness.
How about we agree to disagree?