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I've got a questions for you!

Should I visit the Furmeet?

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    Votes: 12 66.7%
  • No

    Votes: 6 33.3%

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So I was invited to a furmeet by a Furry from a german furry forum I'm active on... I don't know him, I've never had any contact to another furry.
So should I accept the invitation?
Why I'm asking you?
I do not talk much to people I don't know and I'm scared that I just stand in the corner and don't say anything.
Can I trust other furrys invitations?
Were you ever invited to such a furmeet?
How was it?
What can I do when there is a scary silence or I don't know what to talk about?
I don't have anything to tell/show about me in the fandom neither can I draw/show what I've done in the fandom.

Thanks in regards for your opinion!
*woofs* Nimilex


Yeah, most people are put off by awkward silence. It is just the process of getting to know people. I try to find common ground with people and start talking about that. I try to focus less on what I have to say, and more on finding out what other people have to say. By then, I've usually found something we have in common to talk about.

Granted, I still find many conversation awkward. People can start to just ignore you, and that's no fun, and I'm never really sure what to do about that.

Also be careful and make sure this is a relatively public place. You don't want to meet some random stranger or even strangers at some backwoods house and start having freaky shit go down.


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There is no harm in checking it out, if you don't like it you can just leave, they aren't forcing you to stay there. But in the end it's up to you

Edit: I've never been to one or even talked to any other furry IRL before so this is all I can help with
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Yeah try it out. I would absolutely love to go to a furmeet in my area, but they are all about 2-3 hours away from me, cause I live in the desert.


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Ok I've just confirmed the invitation. Thanks for your help :D


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It is next week's saturday. Sure I will report you how it went :D


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^ What Legacy said. Stay safe. Make sure the people you are meeting doesn't have ill intentions.


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I went to my first furmeet with my youngest son (14) just a few weeks ago. I was super nervous... ended up having a BLAST. My son was able to talk with them even better than I could. He knew about the latest video games, could relate to school challenges, and of course he knew all the latest memes (a crucial skill, I've discovered). All I could say was, "Well, back in my day..." over and over again. :p Since then, we've gone to two more meets, and each one has been better than the last.

Anyway, I think you're going to be fine and have a good time. Make sure to let us know how it goes!


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Oh I forgot to ask you If a badge is necessary/required/useful ?


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I'm posting on the german forum with the same name I'm posting on this forum and nobody knows how I look like so I think a badge would help them to know who I am. (Maybe I should post pictures on the RL thread)


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In 5 minutes I will be on the way to the trainstation :D
in about 6-8 hours I can tell you how it was (maybe some pics too)


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It was fun, I survived it... they didn't drag me out in the woods and neither they gave me drugs.

At first when I sat in train and waitet for the final trainstation (lol Final destination would fit in here) I was extremely nervous! My hands were sweaty and shivered!
When I stood in front of the restaurant they waved at me (there was a big window) so I walked in and everyone wanted to be the one to say hello to me first xD
So I sat down and ordered food and non-alcoholic-beverages (nobody had alcohol). We had lots of fun conversations, they showed me their badges which were stunning well made (I was lucky that I didn't have the possibility to laminate my badge so I had to leave it at home) in comparison my badge is worse than shit. After 2 hours of talking and joking around while eating sushi we decided to visit the christmas market and go fursuiting. I never have seen a fursuit or a furry in rl before! So I was extremely excited when they got back to our meeting point with fursuit we had lots of fun, nose boops, hugs and lark with some visitor which wanted selfies with them! Suddenly a Stormtrooper walked along the street near the christmas market and everyone ran to him to make a photo! When the stormtrooper was away I needed to go to the trainstation to get the last train of the day, so I said I needed to get there ... the fursuiters had a plot against me and threathened to hug me so often that I can't get to my train! After saying goodbye, giving farewell hugs, they asked me If I would come next time too, I went to the train and got home.

Pictures coming soon! (need to upload them on FA first because (i don't know why) I couldn't upload them directly on here.


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^^ That is one of the most amazing and wonderful stories I have heard during my time on the Forum! I am so excited and happy for you. After all that worrying and wondering, now you know without a doubt that furries are the most awesome!

I really really wish I could have been there. :)


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I got some money for birthday in november and yesterday I bought some foam... ;)
I can't wait for the next Furmeet in january... It just was so much fun and I want to meet more of you guys!


Nice to see all your troublesome thoughts prior to the meeting cleared out :)
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