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I've made two breakthroughs regarding the music piece I've searching for 15 years.


Also a big fan of the Joker
First one is the music took at least 4 or 5 seconds or maybe even 7 to start

second is I've likely identified the melody at the start
those first four notes

The very beginning of it is exactly as I Thought it was... I kept saying it
reminded me of the opening themes to the shining and Jurassic Park.


It's very likely a variation of the distinctive four notes of Dies Irea And it's been used in countless films games and media

Those four notes go like,

Daaaa daaa daaaa daaaa

However unlike many examples They quickly stop and decend to screeching strings not unlike the ones in the shining film's music

Now that I know this What are some experimental music pieces or Horror film scores that use the four notes of Dies irea in the beginning?