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(Commission) Selling: Izo's Commission Corner 15-60+


Welp, I'm still very new to this so forgive me while I try to figure out what layout works for me currently

I mainly draw humans but have a bit of experience with animals and furries
I'm open to both SFW and NSFW(as long as you and the content are of age)
Since I'm new to doing commissions I'm down to haggle and super happy to discount if you request multiple pieces, but I did recently get fired out of nowhere and am strapped for cash so I can only do so much-

Standard prices are

Sketch | 15
Cell Shade | 25​
Full Color | 40
Sketch | 20
Cell Shade | 30

Full Color | 45
-Full body-
Sketch | 30
Cell Shade | 40
Full Color | 55

Sketches will be cleaned and occasionally lined if I take a long time to finish
Cell is just basic block shading with flat color, without flat color and just grey cell shading it'll be 5 dollars cheaper

Full color includes flat color, cell shading, gradient shading, highlights

Ref Sheets | 50
Ref sheets include front and back full body with flat colors
shading can be added for 5-15 dollars depending on detail
If you want anything else added as well, like specific headshots I'll give you a new figure when asked

I normally leave backgrounds transparent but can add a basic background for free
Detailed | 10+ depending on the complexity

Additional characters - the same price as the original[2 full body sketch = 30 and so on]

NSFW - since I'm still pretty inexperienced with it I'll prob just charge 10 extra for it right now

I can't currently think of anything I won't draw, the only reason why I'll deny a request is that I don't have the skills to do so. So please feel free to request to your heart's content.

I'm best at
Some Kink(I've done bondage, lingerie, I've also done BBW)


Full Body | Full Color | Transparent Background

Full Body | Fully Color | Basic Background

Bust | Full Color | Basic Background


2 Bust | Full Color | Detailed background

2 Bust | Cell Shaded | Basic Background

2 Bust | Lined(can be done with grey cell shade for 5 dollars less of the Cell Shaded price) | Basic Background