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Jan 1 Announcement


Site Developer
Site Director
As a follow-up to our previous journal announcing the closure of the forum, we’d like to officially announce that our Discord is now publicly available!

The following is a quick FAQ based on the feedback we’ve received from our early access period. Please note that our #guidelines and #discord-faq channels under the Support category cover a lot of information and should be read before participating in the server.

Q: Can we post NSFW content?
No. Like the forum it is replacing, the Discord is intended for SFW content only. This includes your profile content (banner, about me, description, and avatar).

Q: Is there a marketplace? Can I advertise my sales?
The Discord will not host sale advertisements of any kind at this time. Please use our website for this purpose.

Q: I see there’s an FA+ role. How do I get mine?
Please see the #discord-faq channel upon joining. It describes the process. Please note that the application of the role is a manual process and may take a couple of days.

Q: I can’t choose a username color! Why?
You must be a supporter (either subscribed to FA+ or a server booster) to access the color picker.

Join the Fur Affinity Discord!

We hope to see you in our new community and look forward to chatting with everyone soon!