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Changelog January UI Update


Site Developer
Site Director
These changes are currently in testing and are slated to go live by the end of this week. List will be updated with any additional changes once the fixes are live.

Again, THESE CHANGES ARE NOT YET LIVE - patch notes are provided as a preview.

New Features
  • Submission Footers: Footers have been added to submissions. You can now add a short (1024 char max) footer to the bottom of your description to leave consistent messaging across all your content. Promote your Shinies, Ko-Fi, Patreon, and more across all your uploads.
  • BBCode: Fixed an issue where header tags did not have noticeable differences between header 3, 4, or 5.
  • Browse: Submission previews are restored when clicking the info button over thumbnails. The icons have been hidden on mobile due to space/formatting issues.
  • Gallery: Folders are now visible on mobile view (folders are located after the gallery).
  • Journals: The journal list now properly shows when managing journals (allowing you to edit/delete them better on mobile).
  • Menu: Reorganized the notifications so they appear in the same order that they do in the message center (watches, comments, favorites, journals).
  • Menu: Renamed “Edit User Page Info” to “Edit Profile”. This page contains more settings than just the user page so it’s been updated to reflect that.
  • Menu (Desktop): Removed a minor delay on the drop down menu bars.
  • Menu (Desktop): Changed option spacing to help those on lower resolutions.
  • Message Center (Notes): Removed gratuitous bolding on the notes list.
  • Message Center (Notes): Mobile notes are now slightly less annoying to use. More improvements are slated in future updates.
  • Message Center (Notifications): Moved button options to the top and improved placement on mobile.
  • Message Center (Notifications): Made the nuke buttons less angry.
  • Message Center: Moved message center options (select all, remove selected, nuke) to the top.
  • Message Center: Fixed journal link on the nav bar. Will properly link to the journal section now.
  • Theme: Light theme has been greatly improved.
  • Theme: Retro now has a more FA Classic feel to it.
  • Theme: All themes have had minor adjustments based on user feedback.
  • Settings: Fixed white space issues on mobile/tablet view.
  • Submissions: Changed submission titles on mobile (they will no longer be cut off).
  • Submissions: Fixed an issue with readability on stories (mobile).
  • Submissions: Prev/Next buttons have been added to the submission action bar.
  • Submissions: Changed the behavior of the download button. Users will be prompted to download content for stories, poetry, music, and Flash. Image submissions will instead take users to full view.
  • Submissions: Fixed an issue that was preventing the download button from working on submissions that featured .txt, .doc or .rtf files.
  • UI (General): Slightly adjusted sidebar spacing.
  • UI (General): Added more white space to UI elements to give the site room to breathe.
  • UI (General): Made adjustments to commenting templates
  • UI (General): Improved styling on links provided by users (in profiles, journals, submissions, comments, and notes) to stand out more. We’ve also removed the paw left over from beta. While we know many people enjoyed the paw icon, it could cause some linking issues in certain cases when using bbcode markup.
  • User Page: Restored user page was missing categories such as Watchers/Watched.
  • User Page: Fixed consistency in banner colors when browsing various tabs.
  • User Page: Journal Headers/Footers now appear on the user page.
  • User Page: Separated large previews for the featured submission and the latest upload.
  • User Page: Fixed an issue that was causing clipping on profiles in mobile.
  • Other: Various fixes, tweaks, and improvements.