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Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories


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I first heard of this program after Ventura was a guest on Opie and Anthony (and subsequently walked out after getting pissed at Jim Norton). Two episodes have aired so far, and he's really as crazy as they said he was.

The first episode was about HAARP, an ionospheric research project in Alaska that has been wildly misconstrued as a weather control experiment, or more oddly, a mind control device. Never mind the fact that whatever HAARP does is undone by nature in like three seconds, or that "government voices" in one's head is the modern day equivalent to the "demonic voices" of old lore in schizophrenics and other people with mental illnesses. The show told of an event that happened during the gulf war where "mind control" purportedly caused mass surrender in the Iraqi desert. Too bad HAARP wasn't built until 1993.

What got me laughing was when he flew up to the front gates of HAARP and tried to get in. Some guy came out and said they couldn't come in. Then, suddenly, "radio disruption" from the installation caused static on their camcorders! Too bad modern digital camcorders aren't susceptible to static. That scene just reeked of Adobe After Effects.

Tonight's episode was about the 9/11 conspiracies. Don't get me started on the truthers. Their theory was that the world trade center was painted with thermite paint. Yep, thermite paint.

Anyone see this show yet? It's a pretty funny show to watch, but don't believe any of it.
The show is just pretty ridiculous over all, I won't cross-post what I said on Actuality Experts, but one thing I did say that is worth repeating:

In that sweatshirt, and beanie, all Jesse Ventura needs is a tin-foil hat, and he'll officially looked like a freaking loon. His teeth are poor, he's badly balding, and puts himself off like some jackass that's exposing secrets.

I know more, from 10 minutes of searching on the internet about nearly any one subject, then what he can "expose" in the length it takes to record one show.


To play the devil's advocate, when you know even a fraction of what governments and corporations have done in the past and continue to do, you can't blame some people for being mistrusting of them to the point of paranoia. That being said, if you really give a damn, you ought to be doing everything in your power to 1) learn the history and the science of organizational behavior, rather than soothe your conscience with what amounts to superstition. 2) Use whatever means you have at your disposal (and if you lack the means, the first and most crucial steps to gaining them are to be found in step 1) to pass what you have learned onto others. Jess Ventura has more means to meet his ends than most of us ever will, and having came up from practically nothing, I really believed he might be "the guy" to affect some serious cultural change among the kinds of people who take him seriously (read: working class, white trash, aka a pretty sizable chunk of the population). When I saw the adverts for this program however, I said to myself "well just super, turns out his 'ends' are the same 'ends' of pretty much every other politician and celebrity, which is to line their own pockets by appealing to the lowest common denominator and with the least amount of effort necessary to pull it off".

It really pisses me off because he is just about as privy to whatever "truth is out there" as a conspiracy theorist would want to believe him to be. And he's got to know that no matter what the consequences of revealing the truth about how things really work, political or financial, the type of people who elected him governor, buy his books and now watch his show are the kind of people who always, always are behind someone they genuinely believe is behind them.

I just don't get it. The kinds of people we generally dub "conspiracy theorists" are nowhere near uncovering the truth. But they accept that what they think is "the truth" is pretty rotten, don't they? So why doesn't someone, anyone give them the equally rotten, raw, uncut, straight dope about how governments, corporations, and organizations in general are able to do what they do?

I'm in the middle of reading several books right now, and I can't see any conspiracy theorist who is actually capable of reading something longer than a tweet not gaining something from them, or at least feeling like they have. They're mostly written by economists and historians, so they're in an objective tone, but they're by no means dull or lacking in emotionally appealing content. Why is no one writing such a book and aiming it at the tinfoil diaspora? Do people who give a damn, through some clause in the unwritten laws of nature have to become too cynical to remember what got them to give a damn in the first place upon having a brush or two with success in the system?
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ive thrown rocks at HAARP :)


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The funny thing about conspiracies is, that there is always the human factor involved. We're not talking about about widowers who have lost everything plotting revenge in terrorist training camps, but homeowners with family. Someone is bound to tell, eventually, and the risk for that happening increases with the amount of people involved and time spent.

Shit like the watergate or nearly any law which limits freedom of expression or freedom of porn/piracy is based on three things which bigger animals use for their advantage to eat smaller animals: stupidity, fear and distraction. Behind every shitty law there's a shitty interest group telling how the world will be a better place for OUR CHILDREN as long as the law passes, and behind every big scandal there is someone being scared shitless of being fucked over either politically or economically. The rest is plain stupidity.

There are conspiracies, though. There's a very good chance most of the younger people here are being nudged in the right direction and spied on by their parents or spouses. Some poor bastard's mother just might be reading this post right at the moment. Hi mom! Give your kid a break!

About the topic, sounds like a dull show.


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I can't believe this guy was actually the Governor of Minnisota. I think that in itself is terrifying.

it's fucking far worse than you believe.