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Jiekkun's Commission Shop


At The Table


-bust $6
-wast $8
-full $12
-bust $ 15
-wast &20
-full $25
-bust $25
-wast $30
-full $40
-bust $40
-wast $50
-full $60

* simple BG's are free
* Additional Characters can be added for half the original Cost!
* Price could increase based on details of design​
* Provide Detail and Reference
PAY PAL www.paypal.me/Jiekkun

Payment is upfront Via Pay Pal,Please note that there is usually a 3% fee on all PayPal transactions and will be added to the rate.

After Payment is received, I will do a few preliminary thumbnail sketches, and you will approve one of them (or add your input/desired changes.) Then the work will be commenced upon approval. There will be no *major* changes after acceptance of preliminary layout!

All digital work will be an 11x17 in., in 300 DPI, high-resolution PNG file for printing at essentially any size you’d like..

Erotic and tasteful nudity is cool No Hardcore smut!

Price will increase if you want a background and/or high-res, but keep in mind that high-res is only good if you are going to be printing the images

You must bring any and all relevant reference images

If you want to order a commission email me first then if I agree I will send you my contact details.

I have the right to decline any commission.

I have the right to take my time with my work, harassment will not be tolerated.

If you commission me you agree that you are over 18 and are the rightful holder of the funds used for payment.

I have 3 commission slots open at any one time, I will let people know when they are open or filled

Commission slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

These prices are for personal use only, commercial prices are three times (3X) the listed price.

If you back out or change your order you are required to pay proportionally for the work I have done.

Ask before posting the image on your profile or any other websites

There are things that I don’t do, and please remember I have every right to pass on it. There are other artists that can do what I may not accept.

I will not color someone else’s line work

I only accept what I can handle at the time. If I’m too busy with professional work or if the commissions are closed, I will put you on a reservation list.

Please look in my gallery to see what I’m capable of doing. As a general rule of thumb, I can most likely do a bit more than what’s in my gallery, as well.

Turnaround is approximately 3-4 weeks. If I run into an unforeseen circumstance, I will contact you accordingly.