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John Hughes Dead at 59


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish
I think if you knew if death was coming, people would care less... Like Walter Cronkite and Ted Kennedy...


I think the Grim Reaper's getting bored, so he's playing "Celeb Death Bingo".


Your Bear of Crap Wisdom
He will be missed because he made some good movies.
billy mays death flew under the radar because of michael jackons death.

lets all have a moment of silence for billy mays...



Now with more Writer's Block!
I think the Grim Reaper's getting bored, so he's playing "Celeb Death Bingo".
That deserves to be sigged.

I think it's just we're noticing it more - famous people die all the time. Either that, or CBS, NBC and CNN are working together to kill celebrities so they have something other than Iraq and the economy to report on...

Hmm... maybe I'll mention that conspiracy to the rainbow lady...


There are so many Johns who die daily worldwide, why care about this John?

I don't get it with those "OMG <insert celeb here> IZ DED!!1 BOOHOO"-threads... Why do people even have feelings for dead celebs, although there are so many people dieing from far worse things than a heart attack, it just shows he drank/smoke. I don't feel sad about dead celebs, they had a good life, not like others.