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Joined the Site awhile ago, but New to the Forums!


New Member
Hey Nerds! (I call everyone that, even myself) I Joined the Site back in 2015 but never got around to Joining the Forums. I don't really have many friends on the Site so I was hoping to find some.

I'm a bit new to the furry fandom but want to research therian more. Hopefully I'll get around to that. I love animals. I've always had dogs and I don't hurt Spiders unless they're around my dogs living area and that's only because I don't want my dog getting bitten. I don't believe in animal abuse in any form. So I'm strict about that.

The Animals and the symbolism behind them I like are Bears, horses, and Panthers.

I also Draw, I love Art and would like to be good enough to be a Comic Artist someday.