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Julian Blue the Ragdoll cat

My fursona is pretty true to myself, in terms of hairstyle and height and weight. Things like eye color and species and hair color are things that are different, along with the fact that IRL I'm not allowed to wear the clothing I'd like to. Personality is pretty much myself as well. I try to be honest about my fursona.

Name: Julian Blue

Age: 17 (barely legal lolol)

Species: Ragdoll Cat

Orientation: Bisexual

Marital Status: Mated to an anthropomorphic ferret boy. :V Allowed to play with others. Usually doesn't.

Height: 5'0"

Physical Description: Julian is a playful kitty and she's very soft, fluffy, and chubby. Her weight would probably be around 180-190 and she's got a breast size of 36DDD along with wide hips, which gives her an hourglass figure with a chubby tummy, but not like a "potbelly" figure as her waist dents a little. Some people have humorously described this as "Hourglass with a lot of time", and with her short figure that probably explains why.
Having a more rotund cat face, she has short hair with very long bangs in the front, and her hair is a wine colored dark purplish red. Her eyes are a piercing blue, like most ragdoll cats.
Her general body is a cream colored, with her markings on her face and chest and tail being a light brown. Her markings are like so with a heart shape on her lower back down her tail.
She likes wearing a suit. A cream and red vest underneath the black suit jacket, black slacks, and a fedora with a red band and two feathers. Shoes are generally a nice variety of black fancy shoes. Can wear "emo" glasses.
She'll wear feminine clothing like a dress and a corset and a black blouse with a black denim jacket and a black skirt, sometimes fishnets or stockings. She usually has a hat in this outfit that is a black and pink "conductor" hat.

Personality: Julian is shy at first with those she doesn't know and when she opens up she can be very bubbly, hyper, perhaps a little perverted. She seems to be a bit manic depressive, sometimes going into states of moodiness where she is down and depressed, but she never agrees with harming herself or others. She's quite the pacifist. Julian is overall very loving and caring to those she's close to and really loves people, unfortunately this also means that she can be sensitive, and sometimes a little clingy. She's also a recovering alcoholic and booze upsets her.

Likes: Singing, Acting, Cooking, Listening to music, Food, Cuddling, perverted jokes, talking, stuffed animals, romantic things, percussion, chewing gum
Dislikes: Lots of realistic gore, horror movies, stupid people, creepers, really gross humor, her exes, small repeating patterns and holes, loud noises


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Vewwy vewwy interesting


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She's such a cute little floof~ And being a floof myself, that's quite a compliment! *floof, lol*