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July is Pirate Month!



i couldnt actually get the image, so i just got the whole webpage ^_-

im actually a ninja fan, so as long as we get a month for that im cool with a pirate theme =P

edit: im not submitting this as my work, just showing a cool link. anyone out there that likes gaming would love jinx.com, even if u arnt interested in buying anything its fun to browse


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I don't really think this counts as all I did was sew up a shirt, cut some belts and throw a costume together for a fursuit I already had, but I wanted to share as it is RELEVANT TO THE THEME


You can see the rest here.


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(Hello! This is my first post. :) )

I'm a huge pirate fan. :) My really main character (almost a fursona, but not quite, you might say) I've had for years is actually the fellow right here. Same character, first one down on Adobe (then printed and scanned, heh...file transfer troubles between computers) and I drew the other by hand. I can't attch that one for some reason. The hand-drawn one is here: Click me for pirate-y dragon-ism!


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My main post for the contest. Drawn with crayons. For a better view (?), you can watch my FA gallery:
URL= http://www.furaffinity.net/view/154059/

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Well, I couldn't resist it. Not sure if everyone on the forums is into the more music side of FA, but I created a Pirate style adventure piece in respect of the monthly theme.

Tis a boat full o treasure! Take what ya can mateys, and send those scallywags to Davey Jone's locker!!!! Arrrgh. <------ .....

I'm not sure if this fits the contest rules or not... but I'm not really bothered about that, just hope you enjoy it!


Later all.


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Uhh... yeah. I just finished this up, so I'll post it here I guess.
It's an alright story I think. Check it out if you're bored.




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pirates... it had to be pirates... ah well, nothing ventured...



Can August's theme be tacos?