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Jump in the forum, rock your body in time!


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Beetlejuice humor? Bad pun? Pretty much...

So...I'll be your weird, awkward newbie today.

I am a Math/Mechanical Engineering student with an interest in History and Mythology. I also love the topic of space exploration and tend to support environmental activism (but not eco-terrorism). My worldview is somewhere between "pantheistic animism" and "hylozoist absurdism." I like some anime, Steampunk, Horror, etc. If it can have a creative design/application, I'll probably like it.

I am working on writing and drawing - I am hoping to create a comic at some point. Sadly, I am not "good" at either, yet.

As far as "fursonas"...I am not sure I have a set/main one...though many of my OC's are Shapeshifters (A "Fith-Fath" (fee-faw) is a mythological transformation chase), so I'll go with that.

On a less positive note, if I disappear or am rather aloof, I apologize. I hope to get better over time.

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Here's a muffin *hands muffin* have fun here at FAF