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Just a Dragon Who Loves Motorcycles!


New Member
Hey there!

My name is Eezo. I finally decided to make an account on here and become more involved with the fandom. I've been to a few cons MFF, FurSquared, and AC (Once). I'm hoping to meet some new fuzzy friends out there and have a good time in general!

A little about my character:
Eezo is a descendant of American and Norwegian dragons. His primary color is white, with orange as his secondary on his belly, extremities and face. Also he has highlights of gray, and a purple tongue and mouth.
(I'll have a picture up some time in the near future, as I already have a commission in the works)

My interests are: fitness, motorcycles, target shooting, and video games.

I am looking forward to meeting you guys and making some interesting memories in the process!