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Just a little question concerning "Crowds"

Ryu Deacon

Director of Furry Statistics
Eg. random characters in the background or foreground that are not subject of the picture, do not belong to anyone(if they do belong to someone their Cameos and to be considered secondary characters) and do not interact with secondary or primary Characters at all and if so very minimal , commonly known as "Extras" in the Film Industry.

How do you all account them in the price of a fullcolor shaded drawing/painting?

A example, the sudden zombie outbreak in the middle of a large city such as New York City in the Movie World War Z. we would be talking like 2 primaries, 6-8 secondarys & over 200+ Extras that could be anywhere from full bodies to half a face and from close up detail to blurred off in the distance....

Obviously pricing by character would start becoming dysfunctional as such a piece would start costing much more then the most valuable painting in the world and its not as if no one else has ever painted something with crowds in the past in the Art world... so how would you go about pricing something with crowds(6-1000+ Extras)?


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I'd personally treat it as a complicated background/prop instead of individuals. it'd probably take me just as much time to do a crowded street as it would, say, a waterfall scene or a canyon. it's obviously not worth painting all the details of all the people in the crowd anyway since that detracts from the focus of the foreground itself.

That's just how I would tackle it pricing-wise anyway :)


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Same as Zydala here, just put it in the complex background and draw less details. Though if someone is picky to hell with a background character, just say it'll cost extra if they want to be (overly) picky. I've only draw one piece with a crowded background that was specific characters, I usually just draw random and generic things if I/the commissioner want a crowd.