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Just a place to put my fursona.

Age: 17-19ish.
Sex: Male.
Species: Rabbit.
Height: 6'0" (6'7" with ears straight up)
Weight: 170 lbs.

- Hair and fur: Dark blonde patch between ears. Fur on head, face-above-nose, shoulders, back, topside of tail, upper arms, and outside of thighs is light blue; fur on outside of calves/lower legs, lower arms, outside of hands, and topside of feet is dark blue; fur on face-beneath-nose, abdomen, inside of legs, butt/bottom of tail, palms, and soles is white.
- Eye color: Blue.
- Other features: Ears are usually bent down and forward half-way.
Behavior and Personality: quiet; only social when he feels he needs to be; curses too much; complains in a detailed, "why is this social rule not like this instead of this" way; overly sarcastic; a pessimist.

Skills: Reading, historical facts, bass playing, remembering irrelevant shit.
Weaknesses: Calculating stuff, remembering relevant things, has a tendency to be a dick without realizing it.

Likes: Music, spontaneous comedy, eating too much.
Dislikes: Working, getting things done, being contradicted.

History: Not sure he has or needs one.

This is more or less all my worst real-life traits shoved into one unfortunate character. I have a lot of ideas for comics to use him in, but ATM don't have the time to make them.
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It's all fun and games...
Heh. Sounds like a friend of mine.