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Just a question


I'm sort of new to everything. I've done a million rp's in my time, but I've just recently taken to writing stories. I think they're coming out decently so far, and I'm confident I'll get better as I go along. What I'm wondering though is: How does the commission process work?

I'd like to start doing commissions once I've gotten another story or two out there. I just don't really know the process, or how to set everything up. So I was hoping a few of you who've done the commissions before could help me understand the process.

Please help, and a preemptive thank you :)

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Typically one needs to publish enough work to gain significant attention in order to get commissions, and often it requires to be published. When I was doing some poems and whatnot, it took me years before people paid me for my work, and I do so locally usually as a shadow writer. (So many romantics suck at that but want to pretend they can write)

As far as stories go in the fandom I am not too sure, but the trend seems to be people do not generally commission stories unless it is associated with artwork.


Thank you. That's really helpful. I'll have to keep it in mind.


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I normally post one of my storys every once and awhile and then see what the reactions are to it.
All I have put up lately here On FA are my shorts and usually with a Picture to go with it. If you have
an FA account and its linked here then you will have a Paw print that others can click on that will
take you to the page.


From what I know of this site and how it works, here are a few things:

You need to have a lot of writing submitted in order to get a large enough following/examples.

Odds are, the people will want porn, if you want to do commissions then you should be willing and able to write smut. I assume you are experienced with erotica due to rp, no offence if you are someone who doesn't erp.

You're writing needs to be completely up to par, grammatically and otherwise. Probably a given, but professionalism is a must.


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Just taking a quick look at the FA submissions, writing, let alone commissioned pieces of prose, are by far one of the least-seen pieces of art (if you can call some of those wrecks art). If anything, I'd say that if you'd started writing your own short stories/novellas, and they were exceptionally good, people may commission you to write things based upon or to go with art pieces.

Commissioned writing in general, only fills a rather niche market, mainly because it's much easier to draw someone rather than develop their character and use him/her in a piece of descriptive prose.

But I wish you good luck, if you choose to go for that.


Thanks everyone. That's really helpful. Right now I would hardly call my grammar 'up to par' I'm sort of working everything out one step at a time. I'm hopeful that with a bit of dedication I can get the ball rolling.

I suppose that I should expect too much in the ways of commissions, but in either case if the opportunity presents itself I'd be more than happy to meet the demand.

As for smut, well I love smut so of course I'll write that lol