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Just Abit Confused :[

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Ive only been on here for a few days so im virtualy :confused: with most furry terms. so if its not too much trouble could anyone explain what a furfag is and any others terms that might be confusing to a newbie like me. i can guess at a few things but i dont like to just in case i get them wrong and come across more of an idiot than im probably am doing now.

Not to sound like a jerk (which I'm honestly not trying to), but Wikifur works well for these kinds of questions.
Furfag is basically a derogatory term that means exactly what you think - "furrry faggot".

Of course, the only people who actually get upset at words like furfags are people who take furries way too seriously and are made fun of even by other furries.


I Live To "Please"
Dont listen to anyone who calls you a furfag


furfag here. yup, it's all about me. ;)

I wonder who has the username "furfag" hrrrm..

"furfag - user banned"

"furfags - Fatal system error! This user cannot be found."

:D oh lawdy.
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