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Just curious. But are are there any bugs out there?


I'm on a quest to find other insect anthros or other creepy crawlers out there.
I myself, am a locust chimera.

So. Don't be shy! Show your awesome selves!
Or if you just have a comment to leave about the subject feel free! I am all antennae.


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Theres one on this forum but idk if he's active anymore.
Here's a bug anthro if you want to see one


♡ Lovely Baby ♡
Not sure if it counts since you didn't specify whether it had to be entirely an insect, but my mascot is a Bumblebee/Domestic Cat mix! Everything other than his face and ears resembles a bee. His name is Honeypaws!


gay lizard gang
I have made a sona before that's a moth, and another that's a bumble bee, but neither are my main sona and are just made for fun. No art yet though.
My brother has a fly fursona though, but I dunno if he wants me to share his art here.


Here's some old OC's of the 'Swarm' faction I have:

Lady Honeysuckle the queen be, I think she's inspired by Queen Elizibeth, but I forgot what I was thinking when I made her.

Flyboys are basically the "RA2 conscripts" with an added gimmick that they can fly and use poison weaponry.

Indwick recently got a roll in my "Grief Goes to Hell" story where he basically judges sins of the condemned.